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  1. myzer2005

    [Request] Sam Allardyce Face build

    Read my post before linking to something that I DON'T want. If I wanted a image I would just use google, but I want a face build that I can create in the game to have as my manager in Master League.
  2. myzer2005

    [Request] Sam Allardyce Face build

    Hopefully this in the correct place. Apologize if not. I would love if someone could create Sam Allardyce's face so I can use him as the manager in Master League. Many thanks.
  3. myzer2005

    myClub – Why you shouldn’t hope for your favorite 80+ player

    Yet it doesn't seem very random for lower rated players... most of the teams I play have the same lot of players I do... hmm :/ Oh and I don't mean the starting players we get.
  4. myzer2005

    [PC] Importing Issues

    So as I do every year I update the club emblems and stuff, but this year they all become pixelated once imported... Why is this? Using the in-game guidelines for dimensions etc... how can the importing be so bad? :S Anyone else having these issues?
  5. myzer2005

    After the new update...

    So I installed the new update yesterday after taking about a month or so out from not playing PES2014 and I noticed a significant increase in player clumsiness? Missed simple passing, AI Players just running past the ball, AI players just slowing down and turning around when they are through on...
  6. myzer2005

    Dealing with CPU through balls

    It's one of those cheating AI things mate, it's hard to defend against, but just try not to bring your defenders out too much and try to force the offside. Other than that, just hope you time your keeper coming out and that he saves it.
  7. myzer2005

    PES 2014 on Intel HD 4000

    Well the replays with 'replay' in the corner is running normally, the other replays show at 50% speed (I hate that PES does this), so all I did is increase the speed to show it in real time.
  8. myzer2005

    pes is very slow though i have good enoght requirements

    Buy a Phenom II X4 (You can get them quite cheap now), That's what I have. GPU = Gprahics card. Your one is dated. I only have a 460GTX 700MB and my PES runs fine. That card is also cheap now. The above is only if your motherboard can have a Quad core processor, however you can buy a cheap...
  9. myzer2005

    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    I used to get this with the F1 games quite a lot, would run find 90% of the time and then all of a sudden it would go slow for a few seconds and then go back to normal. I found out it was my graphic drivers in the end.
  10. myzer2005

    pes is very slow though i have good enoght requirements

    Buy a new CPU and a new GPU. Then you will be fine :)
  11. myzer2005

    PES 2014 on Intel HD 4000

    I play with stock settings. So this is running at 0. But they are replays remember.
  12. myzer2005

    PC Version more responsive than PS3

    You people are forgetting that the PS360 consoles are about 6+ years old.
  13. myzer2005

    Which difficulty level are you playing on?

    Professional, however I intend to go up to Superstar soon.
  14. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    I know, but it is the community that are whining about it. The sooner they shut up the better :P Even you have seen the light ;) I saw that also @$anzie£, however I never saw what the comment was. Admins must have deleted it before we could get a chance to view it.
  15. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    In your opinion. I am on PC by the way, it is well known that, that version is better.
  16. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    Well I only paid £20 for it, however I actually prefer the version from the box rather than the modded version. The game is much better than 13 in my opinion, the only mods I use are Kit and face patches and maybe the odd changing of font. Other than that the game is pretty damn good.
  17. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    [Gameplay Tool] PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24 About tool Tool changes gameplay of PES2014 [core of game] Whats changed? Harder ball More shoot power Move ball fight Removed catchup bug Better attack/defence Better connected animation Faster animation Beter response on commands and more
  18. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    Indeed. $anzi£ Sorry I should have been a little more clear about what I was referring to haha. Yeah there is a community made patch which is meant to be good, however I cannot be bothered with it as I have got used to how the game plays now. I am absolutely loving the game at the moment...
  19. myzer2005

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    Guy gives nothing to this forum, should be perma ban to be honest.