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    RIP PES Gaming Forum?

    Every few years I pop on here to see what's going on and I notice the activity levels dropping. This year looking around things look really bleak. Makes me wonder whether this site should be put out to stud (retired). Please don't get hostile I think it's a reflection on where the game is currently.
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    RIP PES 1995-2021

    ..and just to add, I'm not here to sell or promote anything. That guy KnightMD is really passionate about PES and wants it to do well and some of the problems he has with it I felt the same. But the actual look and feel of the videos are what made me want to find out more but I've linked below...
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    RIP PES 1995-2021

    Hi there, Yes, the mod is 200GB and basically transforms PES completely and the only way to get access to it is via emailing the creator and then contributing a small amount, can't remember how much I paid but it wasn't much. But it's hands down the best patch I've ever used and I've played...
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    RIP PES 1995-2021

    PES 2015 is one of the best, as is 2013 imo. But of the contemporary versions of PES I would say 2018, 2020 and 2021 with 2021 probably slightly being the better one but the shooting in 2020 I think has more variation. But if you want the best of everything then download 2021 and go BUY (yes...
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    A question about the gameplay

    PES is scripted no matter what. It is based upon advantage play, it's really what you do when your team have the 'advantage'. The level and duration of advantage play (or lack of) depends heavily on the game mode and/or difficulty. Play offline on easy and it will be practically unnoticeable but...
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    Early days so far... but it's looking promising

    I'm still playing PES 2015, I don't mind 2018 and played a little 19 but just recently played a brief game of 2020 at a friends house and to be really honest it was poor. Shots were again floaty and automated, passing predictable, linear pathing the same and same shitty AI controlled issues with...
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    PES2019: my bitter disappointment

    It's still the same old split personality game because of scripting and rubber banding but they (Konami) have enough clout (as with EA) to keep the franchise steaming (shit) along!
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    What would you like to see in pes 2020??

    I'd like them to stop making PES, along with EA and Fifa and let some new companies have a go. Instead of just rehashing the same nonsense over and over - the beauty of a long-term franchise --> lick of paint same old shit and don't forget the scripting! Time for a fresh approach I think.
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    PES 2019 Gameplay - has it improved since DLC4?

    Gameplay is changing with every new edition of PES however not in the right way. Yes, there are more animations and yes link up is better along with pathing. However with each addition the AI scripting control is increasing so basically the game play is going backwards (this is dependent on...
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    Same old same old

    As usual the game suffers from split personality because of the AI-controlled scripting. One minute passes are crisp and everything works. Then put difficulty up or play online and suddenly players running in mud, players don't make support runs, controls feel super sluggish and back to...
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    Or "Welcome soccer fans, I'm Tony Gubba..." I still preferred Peter Brackley.
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    Struggling with cursor change

    Yes its called scripting - Konami are taking away a little more control. You'll find it usually coincides with the other team playing better. You should see how bad it is in co-op :/ Ironically, as part of their sadist principles Konami have added a new addition to the controls --> View next...
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    6.5/10 Sad times indeed

    The point is, I want my mistakes to be exactly that ...mine! This is a computer game not real life, if you want every single outcome randomized (which is the RNG that Konami are now putting into the game) then what's the point of playing because then you're just a fucking puppet at the end...
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    6.5/10 Sad times indeed

    All fur-coat and no knickers. Same old shit under new gloss. ...and they've taken away even more control so now the inconsistencies in play at higher levels and at online play are utterly glaring. Also, controls feel 'clunky', and the hidden depth of skill is gone. The RNG is extremely...
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    PES 2017: your ideas and suggestions

    No idea why you guys bother posting in here, not like Konami or any lacky they employ are ever going to read this, or care it's here. Given the previous games in the series its clear they don't listen to anything the fans say. Evidence shows, they simply aesthetically brush over the previous...
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    You know what is worst than scripting?

    I see a lot of posts carrying the frustration that comes from scripting, well I'm here to tell you that there is something worse than scripting. Yup, its losing to scripting and the person you lost too refuses to believe there is scripting! I used to play PES with a friend many years ago...
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    I have had my last straw with PES '16!

    I've been doing the same mate, since 14 as matter of fact. I ain't paying for shit.
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    I have had my last straw with PES '16!

    The main reviewers are simply paid to hand out decent scores and of course make up awards or catch-phrases which can be used to help sell the game. Who do they aim too? The masses of course! Who are the masses? Largely, the young, impressionable and of course stupid. Large game...
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    Lack of Real Stadiums..

    If in 10 years they (Konami) can't (afford to...) change something as simple as the AI scripting then I really don't think there is money (or creative energy) in the coffers to implement a Stadium Editor.