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  1. Fab

    Online problem

    I am with TalkTalk
  2. Fab

    Online problem

    I've just never been able to connect to an opponent, just sits at the matchmaking part, 'checking connection status' and nothing happens. Any help if someone knows would be great.
  3. Fab

    Online problem

    Can anyone help with this? I am also not able to play online against someone else, just doesn't connect. Anyone else have this problem or any ideas how to get it working?
  4. Fab

    FIFA 13 Discussion

    You guys up for clubs this year? You can count me in, just depending if I spend my time on PES instead. I'll be getting both this time round, PES looking great on the demo. Saying that, does PES have something like clubs? Be a legend maybe.
  5. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 12 Clubs

    I should get on, probably not so late though. Delboy will get on a bit as well. Not sure about gin, probably not.
  6. Fab

    Gran Turismo 5 [PS3]

    Who's up for some races?
  7. Fab

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Got it yesterday. Seems quite good so far, similar to waw. Look forward to getting some team tactical going, anyone know if it's 3v3?
  8. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Went on the squad and noticed I won a lot of man of the matches, had 32 I think and the nearest was Barn on 16. I have played quite a few games though and mainly up front.
  9. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Good session yesterday, that puts me down for 2 cup winning medals now. The amount of lag I had in that final was incredible, I pressed X to pass then 2 seconds later my player would pass, changing direction was a joke. Good job you both played really well, shame about Barn losing connection.
  10. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Awesome team play yesterday, best run of matches in a long time, really enjoyed it. Red, your defending and moving the ball around is excellent, having you in that role really makes a difference, however your shooting :faceplm:, became very funny after the first couple of misses.
  11. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Agreed. I thought you were great as Any. Alchemist was excellent at CB, definitely his role. Same goes for Red as a defensive midfielder, played really good.
  12. Fab

    FIFA 11: (PS3) PESGaming Online Champions League

    Put me down as AC Milan and delboy21 down as Juventus.
  13. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    That's the spirit!
  14. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Yeh, I'd say you and red were also good in centre mid as a second position, the awesome Phatmann can play anywhere, although I think hes best used up front as like a supporting striker, delboy was also good at right back. I'd say anyone willing to be 'any' is fair, but the best were gin...
  15. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    Based on last season, all I can say is that it ain't fun when your losing all the time. If we got everyone playing where they like then its fun for like the first few games, but when you have someone like Delboy up front who can't shoot for shit, it soon becomes boring. Based on last season...
  16. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 11 Clubs

    I am in and looking forward to it. I'm sure Delboy will be in also, possibly Gin. I think we should start to decide on positions. I'm happy to go as striker but if original and barn are on then I'll drop to a holding CM. Delboy will take RM. Gin will go LM or any.
  17. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) (FIFA 10)

    I suppose clubs is dead until Fifa 11?
  18. Fab

    C***sboro Creek Gang (PS3)

    How are you guys finding the online play now? I went on once with you all but it got boring and repetitive very quick. I only remember one funny bit which barn mentioned when I got taken down from my horse by a bear, then three bears mulled me with no time to run away.
  19. Fab

    Team PESGaming (PS3) (FIFA 10)

    I don't know what's happened to us lately, we are absolute shit now. Just look at our recent results and its a fucking disgrace, we use to be good. When we played that 10 man team twice yesterday, they made us look like such rookies. They put together some lovely passing and build up play...
  20. Fab

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Thanks for keeping me alive yesterday Dan. When you revived me, that was the first time i'd seen that, was quite impressed. When I asked you how to give the med packs out, it was because some guy on our team was bothering me at one point because he really needed health but I didnt know how to...