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  1. J

    Nicoultras OF 2020-2021 PS4 100 % Full

    awesome! Thank you for doing ACL transfers. You're the first person i know who does transfers for that!
  2. J

    (PC PS4) PES 2021 Classic Singapore NT & Singapore NT

    Classic Singapore converted from last year's TED file by me, and Singapore NT by lplasenciam converted and updated age and existing players who got stats upgraded in the 2021 version of the game WATCH DOWNLOAD...
  3. J

    Classic Singapore Team (Export)

    Version 2 update released: V2: - Stats adjustments for many players - Face tweaks - Appearance adjustments - Adjusted formation and tactics - Added 2005 National Team Home Kit DOWNLOAD V2 (5th June 2020)
  4. J

    Classic Singapore Team (Export)

    It's pretty normal as it's difficult to gather stats and assess real performances of Singapore football in general. Do share! It will be interesting to see more Singapore related option files after doing so many of them over the past 9 years.
  5. J

    Classic Singapore Team (Export)

    Thanks man! I think you can find Singapore national team here
  6. J

    Classic Singapore Team (Export)

    Classic Singapore team, compatible with PES Universe Classic OF. Installs over AYATOHUA under other Latin America Teams. Includes the beloved local heroes such as DOLLAH KASSIM, AIDE ISKANDAR, V SUNDRAMOORTHY, FANDI AHMAD, MAJID ARIFF, DAVID LEE, LIM TONG HAI, LEE MAN HON and more! V2: -...
  7. J

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    Hey man, do you think it's possible for you to integrate MLS from WWEFAN as an option to Mexican League? WWEFAN have 2 teams installed under other asia and 1 team replacing european classic which is kind of weird. It would be nice if they overwrite the fake America League and the excess under...
  8. J

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    Awesome! Thank you so much!
  9. J

    [PC] Bundesliga Exports (Winter Transfers)!AtMF3azK!XMlz_wT6BpbM59lQeag9B4E4MJG448nsYqNCKwABb8c
  10. J

    [OF] Asia Challenge: K-League, ASEAN Clubs (Indonesia, Philippines), Indian clubs,etc

    Any news on the PC versions? As a Singaporean Im thankful for the 2 Singapore teams!
  11. J

    [PC] Singapore National Team (AFF Squad)!N5EUDAKL!AYhdUOxp4j5lNKSKC05ui1m3mlGBZEk-S7zlOIsWlkQ
  12. J

    [KITS] Josh's Fantasy Kits

    Liverpool Fantasy Kits
  13. J

    [KITS] Josh's Fantasy Kits

    Hi guys! I'm a new kit maker and I am experimenting with fantasy kits design/ and occasionally real life kits designs. Let me know what you guys think, and drop in a request for a fantasy kit design you would like to see and I might work on it if I find them interesting to explore on. Juventus...
  14. J

    Latest Patch.. Images Gone?!

    Was trying to import teams and leagues, and a lot of the teams have their kits and emblems messed up. Like for example, a Chinese team will have its' emblem switched with Celtics ect. Bloody Konami. Just when you thought they can't possibly messes up twice in a row.
  15. J

    Barca4eva updates winter transfers 2018

    Any news on the updated teams? Looking forward to add them into the game!
  16. J

    [PS4] OF Erzo 77

    Thank you!
  17. J

    Faces issue for latest dlc

    I've imported Erzo77's Bundesliga, and did not see any problem so far. Just trying to point it out so we can narrow down the problem! Edited: Imported an OF for all national teams, and there are about 10 over generic faces spotted so far (left with SA and Asian NT teams). Tried the base copy...
  18. J

    [PC/PS4] FootyChallenger Team Singapore (Overwrites Fontana City)

    Here's my very first team import for PES 2018. Singapore National Team: Comes with 22-man squad with kits, stats and faces edited by me from the ground up. This import will overwrite all Fontana City's 20 players, and add 2 players under Created Players. Have fun...
  19. J

    [PC] FootyChallenger PC Patch Compilation

    Hi guys, I've made an option file which I've compiled from the editing community, as well as some editing work on my side for the PC community which only requires a simple drag and drop, instead of importing the individual files like on PS4. The file will be updated constantly, so keep a...
  20. J

    [PS4] Slarkmeister's Classic Champions of Europe squads

    Hey Slarkmeister, Amazing work! But do you think you can zip the individual teams so that it will take a lot lesser time to download them? Will really appreciate it if you can do that! Cant wait to try out your files!