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    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Release for PES 2021?
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    How to add a national team PS4?

    I told to Adam Bhatti years ago to do that even genetic teams, and that jerk insists need to be this way.
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    [LEAGUE] LigaPro 2019-20 (2nd Portuguese Division) Creation Thread

    You should add is teams from the last year ranking position in the 2nd division and 3rd division. Arouca and... And... best position in the 4 Leagues.
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    Orlando Pirates over Pleasure Horn by Alexunder Ground

    Never Mind. You need to fix the players name i think. Thanks!
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Sorry for the delay, i only miss Ferencvárosi TC. And that one i have but i'm not sure is from this year. :tongue:
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    List what i found for kits 2048x2048 UEFA Champions League Crvena Zvezda - Kits? Yes. Dortmund - Kits? Yes. Leipzig - Kits? Yes. Salzburg as RedBull Salzburg - Kits? Yes. UEFA Europa League Apoel - Kits? Yes. Astana - Kits? Yes. CFR Cluj - Kits? No. Dudelange - Kits? Yes. Ferencváros -...
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Champions League & Europa League Missing Teams for PES 2020 anyone please? We need it.
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    Big Help please! PES 3/WE7 Logos

    Hi guys, please help me. I got this Flag Collection from here: And i import one logo in to Edit PES3 Option File. It have Transparency, but i don´t know how to do it on photoshop appearing the colours without showing on the kit. Can someone help me...
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    The Wolf Tools & Utility Pack
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    What a dissapointment

    Konami Today release 30% quality and ends with less then 80% done. ISS from PS1 still the best, how a game can´t be add real complete qualifying rounds in this days? No one!
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    [Kits] European Classics .Ted from PC 30 days only! Get Back Old Classic Konami Teams! All players wasn´t changed. You can put the kits on any patch as you LIKE! Enjoy! :tongue:
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    I want this too. I hope someone made a patch to licenced all the id national teams are possible to play with since 2011 and no one cares. And now ea sports losers don´t release any world cup for pc. Konami is lazy to make fake national teams are not ingame and they are 100% possible to play...
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    Data Pack 4.0

    A better idea, changing the cpk file removing all the thai teams put in PAS League and then add the fake ones in the other asian teams, enjoy. My opinion is konami stop with bullshit, release a non-licenced leagues and teams or all mods, and a better editor, then we can edit everything we want...
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    The PES 2018 Request Thread

    Hey guys pretty please help me, i can´t find a option file for Ukrainian Premier League on PS4, i need it or at least 2 teams Zorya and Olimpik Donetsk. Thank you! :)
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    Where i can find kits for PES 2018 all national teams? I need it please. Just to play. It will be nice to see as well TED File completed.
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    [Kits] Saudi Arabia 17/18 WC

    *Added a Palm Tree Logo in the shirt.
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    [Kits] Saudi Arabia 17/18 WC

    [Kits] Saudi Arabia 17/18 WC Updated* 30 Days Download Ted File: I think the goal keeper is not like this. Anyways here it is. :D Home Away GK Credits: PESMASTER No one post PNG NT Kits? :erm: Enjoy.