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  1. alainblue

    [KITS] Kits by CDKitMaker

    Great work wish I could use them on Xbox
  2. alainblue

    @PESUtdOfficial - an ML Story told thru Twitter

    Great idea just started following glad you got the video up and running very professional
  3. alainblue

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    Any news on an option file or kit download being available for xbox1
  4. alainblue

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Hey mate Nice work I also got bored playing master league on pes '17 (PS3) as well.I know you're still on 16 I picked Leeds at random bad mistake they have so many rival clubs AI generates some incredible comebacks and losses.But I started a BAL in the Chilean league that I run in parallel and...
  5. alainblue

    [PS3] OF PES 2017 | Bundesliga & Liga MX |

    Thanks so much brother really appreciate it I've gone ahead and uploaded a team export from V3 again thanks for all your work and effort it makes the game a pleasure
  6. alainblue

    [PS3] OF PES 2017 | Bundesliga & Liga MX |

    Hi great OF thank you so much for all your hard work on ps 3 I was going to ask you on your new V4 update I was on master league and started with Blackburn rovers as a random div1 team to try out but since the V4 update lost a both kit and emblems did you have to dump a few from different...
  7. alainblue

    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    Hi just checking in to see if anyone can still do a team exports for the j league on PS3 I still rocking a ps as no downloads can be done on an x thanks guys
  8. alainblue

    Bal 2017

    Finally got some BAL underway as a side game on PS3 how frustrating is the transfer system it's the same engine as last year I'm OVR 88 20yrs old in 3rd season and not one offer of a contract except to renew at my club lord find me
  9. alainblue

    [PS3] OF PES 2017 | Bundesliga & Liga MX |

    Hi just wondering if j league will replace pas league in the next update and if not can someone add them as team imports thanks
  10. alainblue

    [PS3] OF PES 2017 | Bundesliga & Liga MX |

    Hey mate cheers for the OF I'm still in PS3 as the Xbox 1 has no file sharing the same problem reoccurs every year with limiting kits the solution in the past has been to limit teams to 2 kits and with national teams let all GK's wear a generic logo'd kit hope this helps looking forward to the...
  11. alainblue

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    Thanks for the review I always a bit anxious to get my hands on the game as soon as. always feel like I'm missing out or something but will definitely hold out this year new release price in oz is absolutely insane anyways
  12. alainblue

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    I have decided to hold off not paying full price for an unfinished game I have sn xbox1 and kept the PS3 due to last years editing cock ups I'll just wait till some decent OF's come through on the PS3 till then back to ML I'm decided to do team rescues bored of making super clubs
  13. alainblue

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    I agree I'm not rushing out to buy it this year even although 2016 was a massive disappointment after all the 20 yr hype and I'll be glad to bury it away and try something new And besides the fact nothing massive has changed from last year other than some gameplay and in fact gone backwards...
  14. alainblue

    Demo Discussion Thread

    I've played the demo a couple of times madrid vs barca on the ps3 version and felt the demo default speed seemed a little to fast the same as 2016 anyone else experienced this or maybe I was just tired stadium looked great though I not bothering trying the Xbox 1 due to lack of option files
  15. alainblue

    Hey mate I uploaded your version 4 from mega no problem but the smaller 4.1 updates not working...

    Hey mate I uploaded your version 4 from mega no problem but the smaller 4.1 updates not working any ideas ? Cheers
  16. alainblue

    PES 2017 Wishlist

    Bal Improved BAL if anyone wants an exercise in futility please play this mode in superstar your own team will show the glory of Konamis fox engine everything wrong with this game is super-sized in this part of the game I hope either 2017 gets rid of it or fixes it to the extent that you aren't...
  17. alainblue

    Fictional league.

    Hi you didn't mention where you wanted to base your fictional league names and emblems can be more easily assigned to a league if you give a sense of its location and if you already generate a fictional history for instance PES leagues already have a euro trash feel about them lol (well...
  18. alainblue

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    I'll have to do some scouting for a utility fwd is it better to get a veteran or Developing player and what's Danny's conversion rate
  19. alainblue

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Karma! Boasted to soon lost Alcacer for 12 weeks (broken leg) gone till nearly the end of the season .League and Europa top scorer now left with junior strikers with 1/2 the success rate,two 0-0 draws and a 1-0 win so far was cruising before 17 wins & 2 draws "well played AI well played"
  20. alainblue

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Probably already picked up but Paco Alcacer absolute legend and seems better with age 31 this season even though in decline cannot not stop scoring with this fella solid performer goodish header not the best in aerials and knock downs against big defenders but wouldn't trade him for anything