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  1. vjdude13

    pes 2012 my full exclusive review!

    very nice simple clean and to the point just need better punctuation here ill help It is alright I suppose. see caps (It, and I) and period after suppose.
  2. vjdude13

    51 emblem spaces in PES 2012

    this is very dumb games like Forza 3 allow editing options with nearly infinite numbers yet we cant get 20 or 30 extra emblem slots ? fantastic
  3. vjdude13

    PES 2012 Master League Wish List.

    i very much want to not be able to see this so in my current ML Messi went to Man U for 3 years then to Real Ronaldo went to Milan for 1 Roma for 1 then to Barca Xavi went to Real then Inter Puyol went to Manu then Back to barca then to Real Vidic went to real then to barca and more so WTF
  4. vjdude13

    I ask for 3 main things as far as gameplay

    #3 is big for me as well i mean how often do u see xabi alonso get beaten by by messi or bale or lennon or whoever and all of a sudden get back and take the ball away
  5. vjdude13

    now is the (BOM) PES 2012

    hahahhahahahhahahahhh u r fucken fantastic btw i LOVE THE CAPS oh also its fake
  6. vjdude13


    hahhahahahaaa good one bro high five
  7. vjdude13

    Cassano or Robinho?

    or just use robinho as a Left sided SS and cassano in the middle and Pato on the right with ibra up top on his own with 2 DMs So baisicly this ----------Ibra------- Robinho-Cassano-Pato
  8. vjdude13

    Faces by Rip25

    Can you do these faces please Ermin Zec Mensur Mujdza
  9. vjdude13

    Need A HELP Please!

    did u downlaod the game illegaly or buy it
  10. vjdude13

    360 PNGs to normal 360

    so no one knows
  11. vjdude13

    360 PNGs to normal 360

    ok so i know that you cant upload pics onto a 360 to use for kits and badges but u can for a modded xbox 360 so i was wondering does anyone know if its possible for the modded xbox user to upload pics and create and OF then upload it and see if it works on a non modded xbox just using the USB...
  12. vjdude13

    Which youth player to sign? Next C Ronaldo or Robbie Keane

    is this a serious question NEXT CR7 or NEXT Keane WTF the fact that ur having to think about ur choice is a bit sad IMO
  13. vjdude13

    OF starting X BOX 360

    can you possibly post pics of the bundesliga logos wen u post more pics and also one thing that could make ur OF very popular is if u use PES stat database for all the players it would take quite a bit of time but i know its something that pretty much everyone with an xbox wants
  14. vjdude13

    Best Xbox OF?

    all prem teams are included in daymos OF mate :l
  15. vjdude13

    XBOX DragonSkin OF question

    ok so can anyone tell me if the Dragonskin Option File on xbox 360 has the bundeliga
  16. vjdude13

    [X360] Dragonskin Option File

    hey Tuzlak sta ima jarane jel imas slike od ovaj option file da vidim kako izgleda
  17. vjdude13

    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    ok thanks very much mate
  18. vjdude13

    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    so can i get some pics of the OF or no edgar
  19. vjdude13

    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    hey edgar can you please post some pics of ur bundesliga section of the option file so i can see if u wanna DL it please and thank you
  20. vjdude13 2011 Patch - Released (New Versions in first post)

    im really havin trouble with this i donwloaded the 1st release and tried to extract it but it says you need the second part of this to extract files (the installer) so do i have to download the 2nd file u created as well and btw u should really upload to a different site because this site makes...