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  1. Hansel

    *Important PC SecuROM information*

  2. Hansel

    Left 4 Dead [PC/360]

    Any of you guys up for trying a campaign on expert together?
  3. Hansel

    Admin changes

  4. Hansel

    Left 4 Dead [PC/360]

  5. Hansel

    Left 4 Dead [PC/360]

    I'm up for some games aslong as it's on expert, it's really hard but everything else is too easy. Add me on steam: Poffeman
  6. Hansel

    This is Fred!

    Thread of the year.
  7. Hansel


  8. Hansel


    Yeah, Pokemon red/blue is awesome. Would be great if they made it into an mmorpg like Clyde said!
  9. Hansel

    This is Fred!

    I want to see Fred having a threesome with MJ and Macauly Caulkin (or however the fuck you spell it)
  10. Hansel

    Man Stabbed Queing For GTA IV

    Ahahahaha, awesome. I mean, not the stabbing. the "Also, the witnesses initially thought it was a promotional stunt." part. Maybe I should've quoted it right from the start. It's not like it's too late now either, instead of typing this I can just start over. It'd be faster, but I'm on a...
  11. Hansel

    Funniest Moments In IV

    hell borat
  12. Hansel

    First thing you're going to do/have done

    Easy there, cowboy..
  13. Hansel

    hi guys/gals

    Omg Its You?! :|
  14. Hansel

    World Of Warcraft (PC)

    touch me :>
  15. Hansel

    World Of Warcraft (PC)

    well duh..:rolleyes:
  16. Hansel

    World Of Warcraft (PC)

    A dude sold his account for 10k (us dollars?) then the guy who got it got banned straight away. That's crazy :laugh:
  17. Hansel

    World Of Warcraft (PC)

    People have spent even more. :happy: You can play it for free if you play on
  18. Hansel

    World Of Warcraft (PC)

    I've quit, so many hours wasted. >.<
  19. Hansel

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    I'm 10 years old, wouldn't exactly call myself a man.
  20. Hansel

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Racism should be allowed. Would make things a lot more fun.