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  1. Jeremy_u2

    Manhunt 2 [PS2/PSP/Wii]

    Trailer looks nice.
  2. Jeremy_u2


  3. Jeremy_u2

    hi xx

    Pretty fella isn't he?
  4. Jeremy_u2

    hi xx

    Oh gosh.
  5. Jeremy_u2

    No forums for guests

    Yep, that's the reason.
  6. Jeremy_u2

    changing user title

    Hi folks! How can I change my user title? The link to the user shop is dead, can somebody help out? Cheers
  7. Jeremy_u2

    What are you currently playing?

    Trackmania Nations - a lot of fun to play with friends.
  8. Jeremy_u2

    What are you currently playing?

    After the completion of Fahrenheit, I've started Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Nice graphics and memoralbe charachters. What an amazing story.. How I love adventures with a good story and without hardcore puzzles!
  9. Jeremy_u2

    Call of Duty vs. Medal of Honor

    Nah, I hate the snipers, as they are pretty easy to play. And I'm not the guy running in like an idiot with an assault gun. I'll be the one knifing you from the back.
  10. Jeremy_u2

    Call of Duty vs. Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor Allied Assault was a great game, when it came out. Call Of Duty even better, when released.. You could see with United Offensive that they were trying to make it more 'Battlefield', like Dan said by adding tanks an the other vehicles. Shame really, CoD ist at it's finest when...
  11. Jeremy_u2

    Reservoir Dogs - The Game

    The Godfather wasn't too good. Mafia was way better.
  12. Jeremy_u2

    a game about hooliganism?

    But the game would be really repetetive, making it boring after a few hours...
  13. Jeremy_u2

    What games are you waiting for?

    Guild Wars : Nightfall
  14. Jeremy_u2

    what should i get saints row or dead rising ????

    Yes, I know what you mean. But, GTA San Andreas offers a similiar experience, and it's loads better.
  15. Jeremy_u2

    what should i get saints row or dead rising ????

    Get GTA San Andreas instead...
  16. Jeremy_u2

    DirectX 10

    There was a video of it on the magazine's DVD. But Microsoft will hopefully get grip of the performance problems. I think you'll be more than fine though.... EDIT: Yes, definetly. I think that sucks. They're releasing Vista in 6 different versions. Three buisness ones and three for home...
  17. Jeremy_u2

    DirectX 10

    I'm dreading the release of Vista :( I read in a magazine, that the latest version doesn't even run smoothly on a AMD Athlon X2/4800 with a GeForce 7900 GTX and 2 Gigs of RAM.
  18. Jeremy_u2

    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PC/360/PS3)

    Yep, later in the game (Morrowind) Warrior etc sucks, because you need magic do more higher level stuff. And even a magician can get blade skill up to 100 ;)
  19. Jeremy_u2

    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PC/360/PS3)

    Breton Battle Mage, my bith sign is the shadow ;) (Very nifty, when trying to steal something or getting past guards)