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  1. Bravoboy

    Novak Djokovic ??

    Novak Djokovic is Nole. Jonathan Woodgate, what? :mellow:
  2. Bravoboy

    Face scans in pes 2008: the funny edition

    :shocking::shocking: God knows how I found that. But thank god I did!
  3. Bravoboy

    Novak Djokovic ??

    Rubbish, looks very little like Nole.
  4. Bravoboy

    MY PES/WE collection

  5. Bravoboy

    Funny Face Scans PES09

    Na, just your mention of the thread prompted me to go find it. You could use it for inspiration!
  6. Bravoboy

    Funny Face Scans PES09 > Everything. For this reason, amongst many.. Yes, that's Lionel Richie.
  7. Bravoboy

    Song after match

    Brings a tear to my eye.
  8. Bravoboy

    MY boots

    Were the first pair designed for the Albion by any chance?
  9. Bravoboy

    Brighton sponsors & logos?

    That is absolutely SUPERB work. Now if only I had the next-gen version. Or a next-gen console for that matter. Top stuff, mate.
  10. Bravoboy

    Brighton sponsors & logos?

    Errea should be easy enough. Not sure about IT First, though. I made a pretty good kit on PES:08.
  11. Bravoboy

    4 new ign vids

    Why does it sound as though Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson are communicating to each other through tin cans?
  12. Bravoboy

    Hi from STOKE!

    Don't worry, repression will soon sort that out.
  13. Bravoboy

    Full Fifa 09 match Chelsea v Arsenal

    Graphics look good, commentary sounds fantastic. But the player movements and the general "jerkyness" of said movements just looks so unrealistic, again putting me off, big time. Perhaps it's because I've been playing PES for so long, and have grown used to the familiar PES player movements, I'm...
  14. Bravoboy

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Am I missing something here?..
  15. Bravoboy

    What is the difficulty level in which you play in?

    World Class? Blimey, didn't know there was such a thing.
  16. Bravoboy

    My Top 20 PES 5 goals

    You're a GENIUS, Feanor.