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  1. emaldinho

    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    damn it :( i don't have a Gold Account on Xbox Live =/ i guess ill have to wait a week to play it.
  2. emaldinho

    ~DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF~

    stupid question but how do i paste multiple files in xtaf gui version 44?
  3. emaldinho

    PES2012 DLC ... does anyone have it already ?

    it doesn't appear to me :S
  4. emaldinho

    Edit XBOX 360 crowd sound

    maybe with the first dlc update we will be able to do it? i sure hope so
  5. emaldinho

    Edit XBOX 360 crowd sound

    i wanted this option too since i have tons of chant stored on my xbox's HD =/ i didn't know PS3 users could do this, it's simply not fair for us who buy the game on the 360 i spent the exact amount of money as the PS3 users and im getting less, this is bull.
  6. emaldinho

    Patch update released today?

    there seem to be a lot of backlash regarding transfer updates in Jon's twitter account. he wrote that: "roster update due shortly. News should come early next week" thing is that we don't want "news" we want the damn update!
  7. emaldinho

    No custom music chants for 360?

    well someone correct me but i don't think this is possible for the 360 =/ i was really disappointed with this cuz' i was expecting this feature as well.
  8. emaldinho

    Patch update released today?

    i knew indeed but i was juve and loss 2-0! lol
  9. emaldinho

    Patch update released today?

    keepers are like superman now after the first patch downloaded i was playing Juventus vs. Man City and i shot 16 times 11 on goal and the keeper didn't let a single ball get in. they're really good now if you ask me.
  10. emaldinho

    Where is <insert player>?

    Ronaldinho is not in the game, Flamengo is not either as for the OG ronaldo he's at corinthians with roberto carlos, i'd suggest to base copy them cuz' when the roster updates arrive they won't be there anymore.
  11. emaldinho

    Who else was able to get 2012 today?

    man i was really bummed out about this as well, i really thought konami was going to copy this from fifa given the creation freedom that they usually give us. to be honest i haven't found anything in the editing department different from last year =/
  12. emaldinho

    Who else was able to get 2012 today?

    i had problems at first i didn't like it but after playing a few more games that sour taste has gone, it's pretty good you just have to get used to it.
  13. emaldinho

    Faces by chung1972

    can you make Alessandro Matri from juve?
  14. emaldinho

    Update Copa Libertadores 2011

    do you guys think that konami should release a team update of the copa libertadores teams on pes 2011? many of the teams on this years upcoming tournament are not in the game and it seems kinda dull to me to play as a team who's not even on this years tournament
  15. emaldinho

    Language versions.

    quick question, who were the spanish commentators on the european version?
  16. emaldinho

    demo help please

    i actually downloaded them both on the xbox 360 and yeah WE2010 version gameplay wise is wayyyy better than PES 2010
  17. emaldinho

    Dont worry!!!

    blind faith.
  18. emaldinho

    North American PES 2009 thread

    there is a god!!!!!! *downloading update*
  19. emaldinho

    Appearance Request Thread!!

    miroslav klose