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  1. Granulated

    Long Throws

    I've played over 200 MLO games and nobody is using the mega throw tactics (apart from me occassionally and with little success as most people are on their toes and ready for any of the little tricks you can imagine!)
  2. Granulated

    Strategy for Successful Competition

    So you're aying to be successful you need to basically play well, win and be thoughtful with your selections and tactics... cheers Einstein !
  3. Granulated 2012 Patch 2.5 Released 23.12.2011 torrent download

    cheers. I'm gonna wait a week and see if the 2.5.1 release has remedied the situation.
  4. Granulated

    So cheating,how exactly does it work

    I will NEVER forgive Konami for removing the P2P capabilities in PES. We never were given a proper explanation as to why. I think they said it made piracy a more viable option for lovers of online play..but that doesn't make any sense anymore as for the last few years there's been a proper...
  5. Granulated

    pes 12 online is the worst online pes ever

    err... you're saying that you've played 5 games today. All against the tosspots who use Barca/RM and that in 4 games you;ve been 3-0 up ?!?!? You're either incredibly good at PES or a liar ! oh...and this disconnect cheat has been around forever !! It aint a recent thing in PES2012.
  6. Granulated

    How to create 2vs2 match room?

    You just create a room and wait for people. Renaming the room to "2v2" or something along those lines will help.
  7. Granulated

    Auto shoot freekicks OMG - really?

    I wish there was a team config option to automatically get a defender covering one of the posts...and not waste so many men in the wall.
  8. Granulated

    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    I say this every year..but we really need to get a solid core of 30+ fair polite and decent players from here to go and friend each other and then we can just ignore the rest of the cheating farkers.
  9. Granulated

    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    I'm sick of it... apart from the cheating and generally skullduggery, 99% of the wankers I play never say hello...goodbye..good game etc. also the english server is just crammed full of arseholes from around the globe !
  10. Granulated

    Restricted from Competitions :(

    What seriously upsets me is that disconnects that occur BEFORE the damned games even kicked off count against your completion percentage. SO when you get tricked by someone who says they will cooperate and play with low standard teams for a more entertaining match only for them to switch to...
  11. Granulated 2012 Patch 2.5 Released 23.12.2011 torrent download

    crashes as soon as the I go into team config for online game. also kits are messed up (eg. chelsea grey/missing) I bet this aint easy to uninstall...right !!!
  12. Granulated

    PESEdit 2012 Patch 2.4 Released! -Mediafire - Filesonic - Filejungle - Filepost Links

    just post the actual links ffs # unbelievable the damned hoops we have to jump through to download half-baked patches
  13. Granulated

    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...'s a tip I try and promote... whenever you play a game against someone and you complete the match without any major lag issues at the person to your friends list. after a while you'll have developed a decent group of blokes and youll always find at least one or two of them online at...
  14. Granulated

    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    WTF.. this disconnect cheat was evident LAST year too and maybe years before that if mymemory recalls. Konami are just flipping rubbish. I want a PES6 game with updated graphics, fully tweakable cameras, longer replay times and the capacity to play online with direct IP connections like we...
  15. Granulated

    hello mate. hey.. There are lots of non option file posts littering the first page of...

    hello mate. hey.. There are lots of non option file posts littering the first page of Arent admin cleaning up anymore ? cheers
  16. Granulated

    The Complete List of PES 2011 Patches

    reckon this needs bumping ! this is a very useful thread and should be sticky.
  17. Granulated 2011 Patch - Version 1.5 Released 03/02/11

    Npower...ahhhh.finally. Thanks PESEDIT crew. Question... Are teams erroneously entered into either The Champions League or Europa League as in every other patch that has has the NPower teams ?
  18. Granulated


    Can anyone beat this.... I've missed EVERY penalty I've received (and lets be honest theyre as rare as rocking horse poo!.. about 7 times) so far in PES 2011. In training mode I can score every time.. for some reason in a proper game if I do anything other than try to shoot down the middle...
  19. Granulated

    PES Rage Thread: Rage till your heart's content...

    one other annoyance that you get to notice after playing a while... I really cannot take how you get your cursor control removed when an opponent barges and shunts you when youre trying to dribble past them...mainly because of how shitty the cursor changing is..on every setting. I'm...