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    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    Wow, I hope everything is a bad joke. Not been able to share OF its basically a point where to buy fifa o PES.
  2. Z

    [League] Argentina Primera Division 2016

    Its coming all licensed so relax and enjoy! Faces we need to build for sure
  3. Z

    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    thats something I totally forgot. The OF sharing is a most in order for people to enjoy the game, if not I think I wouldnt buy it even though Im loving the gameplay. :erm:
  4. Z

    PES2016 Demo - Gameplay Videos

    Can someone tell me how hard is the AI this year? It needs to be improved to be very hard.
  5. Z

    PES 2016 Demo Discussion

    I've been watching the gameplay videos and eventhough I never give myself a final judgement until I play the demo, it looks pretty damm good. I saw a youtube video from a Spanish Guy that has been playing FIFA the psat 3 years basically and he said the game is not better than fifa, not equal...
  6. Z

    Any new about PES15 OPTION FILE?

    If I download the game from another user account and play it with my account (which I did with FIFA15) would I still be able to use your OF? In fifa it runs perfect
  7. Z

    [FACES] GavHullPES Faces 2014

    Aston Villa: Benteke, Delph
  8. Z

    Demo vs full version code

    I couldn't agree more
  9. Z

    Game speed question

    the pitch area from your opponent is a slow-motion scene!!! speed is terrible!!!
  10. Z

    Full preset list pes 2014

    It would be cool if we can separate it by teams
  11. Z

    Chuckyboy12345 Faces Thread (No Requests)

    Chucky you should work for konami!!! XD
  12. Z

    [PS3] OF PES 2014 - All Blus - Neto_Pes

    do we apply the update like before or what? I'm talking about the Konami update
  13. Z

    Master League Impressions

    thats just incredible
  14. Z

    [PS3] OF PES 2014 - All Blus - Neto_Pes

    PLEASE READ GUYS .. LINK COMING TODAY.. not available yet -_-
  15. Z

    Some Very Useful Advice

    there is no install option on my ps3 game/menu ..
  16. Z

    [Kits] Pes 2014 kits by 7oy - Suggestions only!

    chucky are you planning on doing faces this year? no more face scans ='/
  17. Z

    Player Face Index

    I don't understand why KONAMI "hides" the face editing so much. It would be cool if the lads give us a preview or guideline so we can have at least an idea of the faces coming etc etc... for me faces are crucial especially for ML
  18. Z


    Someone get the link to the demo