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  1. Han

    Patch Vince-nantes V1 - Xbox 360

    So I guess this is only for a modded Xbox 360? EDIT: Shrop, you beated me to that :D
  2. Han

    is it me or are the ball physics all messed up in PES211?

    There is something else: When you play a groundpass with speed, the ball behaves strange. It looks like it is played on a pitch with too long grass; the ball slows down far to much. I have no Twitter: Can somebody pass this problem through to Jon Murphy? Thank you.
  3. Han

    Konami Unveil PES7

    Yes, they are a bit better than the previous four. I like the detail of the grass! Hopefully we get tomorrow more pictures, as the embargo from Konami will be lifted.
  4. Han

    Playstation 3 Winning Eleven (pes) Release Date ??

    J. League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship JAP Termin 30.05.07 - Konami plant die Auslieferung der Fußballsimulation J. League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship am 02.08.07 in Japan vorzunehmen. Das geht aus Preislisten japanischer Großhändler hervor. This is from a German site...
  5. Han

    The Official PS3 (Next PES Thread)

    Hmm... Maybe it is a bit optimistic to expect news on friday. Konami told somebody from EVO-Web that people could expect news 'soon'. My estimate is one or two weeks. Still, some interesting readings overhere :)
  6. Han

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 XBox 360 Lowdown

    I think you and Pategato encountered some things too negative: About your points: On-line play: You said it is very weak because there are no lobbies, but they were also not in the PES 5 version, so that is equal to the PES 5. It's not worse! Gameplay is slower you said: It depends on your...
  7. Han

    PES 6 Pushed Back

    I live in Holland, called many shops but no-one has it sofar!
  8. Han

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Official Thread

    Isn't that what we said about PES 6 before? :unsure:
  9. Han

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Official Thread

    Well, the great thing about PES is that individual players have their own style of moving around the pitch. That's why you recognize them when playing and not from a screenshot. Apart from that, I think the low camera on that picture doesn't help. There is a lot of perspective and that makes the...
  10. Han

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Official Thread

    Please go into detail what does not look good about that picture. I can't see the problem.. :huh:
  11. Han

    Seabass Interview SECRETS OF PES6 (08/10/06)

    I straight away thought of a 'conspiracy theory' between Sony and Konami. They have a long term contract with each other and Microsoft is the big concurrent of Sony. So if Konami offers us a ripped 360 version, people go over to either the PS2 version or they wait for the PS3. ...and that is...
  12. Han Guarentee game dispatched 20th, 1 Week Early!

    Of course they did :) Did you really believe it comes at the 20th, or did you just hoped it? ;) Hundreds of places on the internet say the release date is 27th in the UK and 26th in the rest of Europe. All shops which name earlier date just try to let you buy the game in their shop OR they...
  13. Han Guarentee game dispatched 20th, 1 Week Early!

    No, I am Dutch and the mail is not correctly interpreted. It says: 'According to our knowledge 'Pro Evolution Soccer' is available at 20 october. If you pre-order the game overhere you certainly receive the game at the release date' In other words: We think the release-date is at the 20th...
  14. Han

    PES 6 Pushed Back

    No problem Pes Addict :)
  15. Han

    PES 6 Pushed Back

    Written for the PS2, but also to use for the 360.
  16. Han

    PES 6 Option File?

    That might wordk for the PS2-version, which will not have so many differences in their option-file, but for the 360 I doubt that...
  17. Han

    PES 6 Option File?

    Those programs might not work, because the graphics are changed into next-gen graphics, remember, so Konami may use a completely different format for their option file...
  18. Han

    PES 6 Option File?

    Before the guy starts to buy a max-drive: DO'NT! That will not work at the 360. You need Xsata from codejunkies (do a google for this) and then you have a connection with your PC. :)
  19. Han

    PES 6 Pushed Back

  20. Han

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Official Thread

    Maybe the demo goes to another magazine this year; we will see.