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    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Has anybody got a full set of liverpools 17/18 kits, any help would be much appreciated
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    Help with PES 2021

    Buckshot sorry mate your right converted does make a difference, i think i applied live update and then installed converted bins i also used the autofix on the converter
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    Help with PES 2021

    Buckshot i used this below
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    Help with PES 2021

    Buckshot can you help me please i tried importing some pes20 files into pes21 having applied the live updates in pes21, as a result some of the players are messed up ie Rod Wallace has Kalvin Phillips appearance these are linked to a Classic Leeds Utd team
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    (PS4) Classic Team by the Dex

    patch now available for download, link below ... L02rXnRHqi
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    classic faces by aliheidari2520

    ali how do you create player stats can help me please
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    Gillingham FC by PESBuck

    Thanks for the reply, is there a simple method for converting pes 17 stats or pes 18 the reason i ask is i have some good classic option files i would like to convert to pes 20
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    Gillingham FC by PESBuck

    Buckshot could please help me i want to convert/use pes6 stats to use on pes20, is there a formula you could share
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    [PS4/PC] Ratmundo Classic Option File

    amazing work rat, can`t wait for the release just one thing i would love to have seen you release a classic club file although i understand these projects take up so much of your time and i for one appreciate the effort put in by you and the team.
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    24 Classic National Teams by PESBuck

    Buckshot is there a formula for converting pes18 stats over to pes20 if so anychance you could share it please
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    Universe PES second version and shit

    Fact if you upload a option file be it free or otherwise someone will blatantly steal content from it and call there own there is no getting away from this as to appealing to there sense of decency forget it. I have seen numerous examples of people uploading option files that is 100% there...
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    Universe PES second version and shit

    Charging for option files that contain copyright material in the form of the premier league amongst others and then posting on youtube may well see the end of editing as a shared option and this will lie squarely at the feet of those who insist on being paid for creating files that contain...
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    Universe PES second version and shit

    Worked on a classic patch for pes 18 and it was suggested we put it online, one of the concerns was people using material from patch and reposting as there work it was my opinion that if it bothered the other guys on the team that much do not post it on line. The facts are simple any created...
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    [PS4/PC] Ratmundo Classic Option File

    Xmas is coming early, many thanks Greg much appreciated as always
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    pesfan option file
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    [EMBLEMS] Club Teams & Competitions

    much appreciated Jack many thanks
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    [OF] Classic National Teams PES 2019

    Buckshot do you have a link for your classic premier league please
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    Are you frustrated with PES 2019 Gameplay? A solution!!

    Antony any chance you could post pics of these tactical settings as i am on the xbox would be much appreciated