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  1. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    Yeah is funny the gentlemen was 'complaining' left and right about the songs in pess compared to fifa!? Now it seemed to me he gather whatever he found from left and right from others and tried to build a HUGE argument again!? The fannies is you can't call him en expert on something to say ok...
  2. Gtks

    3rd Equipping Item Slot

    Welcome and i had a problem with it and i had the impression if i win many titles offline i will unlock the 3rd but in the end a bonus needed from online playing. I can't suggest you a tool to do it because i'm afraid the possibility to have a trojan inside but search around the net you will find.
  3. Gtks

    3rd Equipping Item Slot

    You have to play Master League online until you get a bonus called '3rd Pocket' to use it offline or download a tool that will unlock it for you.
  4. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    Why i like and why i don't like someone is not your business. You have bust our balls with lame fifa theories with double posts about 'better' songs left and right and now you are trying to create an argument on what? Your posts are top to bottom rubbish and you can't upload 1 screenshot that...
  5. Gtks

    PES 2013 disappointment.

    read this post on how to defend: if you have more questions tell me about it.
  6. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    I scored 34 goals in 19 games superstar difficulty and you can see the screen shot in the rage thread. I scored many headers and i never see the since fiction you trying to shell in here. This game is you know how to play it or not.
  7. Gtks

    I was right I told you re: where is seabass

    In here the people can't answer your questions send a ticket to konami using the form: and make your questions in there you may get an answer.
  8. Gtks

    BAL AI problem

    The same ai that controls your players controls and the team you play against. The first thing you need to know When you defending by pressing the speed button and the pass button down and hold them and you see the player your control defending faster, with automatically change to player...
  9. Gtks

    Pes 2013 pc online lag

    First you must go to the devices and find the network adapter click the advanced settings and make sure the speed with router is in full doublex. Set transmit buffers and the receive buffers in maximum values. Also try to maximize the free ram in your system by deactivating some services that...
  10. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    If you ask my opinion fifa looks to me too arcade to be compared with Pess, even the 'worst' pess is far more better than fifa. I use Adblock Plus and NoScript to block ips with information gathering cookies and bypass these problems try it is the best.
  11. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    They fixed the vods to show you "THEY CANT STEAL THE BALL THIS WAY" and it's a BUG, in the previews versions of pess there wasn't such a problem.
  12. Gtks

    News about PES 14

    You see them playing human vs human the players from both sides practically stepping on the bal and it has zero effect!? The only way to get the bal seemed to me to tackle and bring down and the player, it's a BUG.
  13. Gtks

    This is about Ali from me "Whatta man" salt n pepa and en vogue enjoy...

    This is about Ali from me "Whatta man" salt n pepa and en vogue enjoy: hehehehe joking. Ali is one of the few real friends i got in here and one of the best moderators i did meat. He gets a bit jumpy only if he believes you are playing with him and...
  14. Gtks

    Can I ask for loan/Transfer

    In BAL you can go to the negotiations menu and select Club search. From there you can choose the team you like and ask to start negotiations. I did try it 1-2 times from the start but it failed
  15. Gtks

    pes 2013 transfer

    You don't need to create multiple threads for the same subject. About the scouter you asked i usually play between Tiensburg (from Germany) that gives a better youth team also or Xiavago (from spain) he doesn't give a good youth team but i can see the stats of the players and their special...
  16. Gtks

    pes 2013 transfer

    They changed the system of signing a bit and a lot of people complaining. You can see the chances for singing a player improved to 40% and above with a better (5 million) scout that improves the money deals also (lower) but this is not enough. You must monitoring how many years the player has a...
  17. Gtks

    [LEAGUE] SPFL Creation Thread

    I've seen your images because i have image hack also you must click in the I icon that is share image and take the direct link to post in here else it doesn't work.
  18. Gtks

    Opposition comebacks

    I haven't investigate the subject, I just did a test review of pess 2013 negative if you have the manual you may find something in there or edit a team do some changes in style and have it play automatically with another team (coach controlled) to an exhibition game. This way you do see the...
  19. Gtks

    Opposition comebacks

    The playing styles are responsible of how team is behaving for each half and you are right in the second half they are trying different systems like offensive possessing game, swap wings and center back overlap. In older games there was only 1 playing management edit of the teams in pess 2013...
  20. Gtks

    General Demo Discussion/Impressions

    If you go to the official site of konami: you will see there is no official release of a demo to download!? I explained in 2014 there was a 'leak' or someone did break the Omertà. By downloading an anonymous release you risking to download a trojan that your...