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    Simple Q. Best goal you've ever seen live in a stadium

    So good they named him twice ! :D
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    Home hi-fi/speakers

    Have you heard of Sonos? My girlfriend has a set. One speaker in each room with an adjustable volume function accessed from your phone and computer. Makes parties great as it never gets so loud it annoys the neighbours but it's still loud enough for everyone to hear comfortably. Also, it has...
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    Best SSD under £70? Then he went and spent £130

    You want a cheap server? Look here. Haven't tried them myself but for price they were the best I could find.
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    Simple Q. Best goal you've ever seen live in a stadium

    I'll start: Couldn't believe this when watching from the stands. Electrifying.
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    Borussia Dortmund

    Any one got a good link for tickets? Really want to go to a Dortmund game. Supposed to be one of the best stadium atmospheres in Europe. Cheers
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    I was a bit worried after the first few games but Sanchez is BACK ! I feel like he is going to have a landmark season in his career. The guy is simply unstaoppable. Look at him playing injured for Chile this week, scoring and assisting for fun.-So sick !
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    Who do you want to be relegated?

    Villa. Has to be. Sherwood needs a reality check, and they've been happy to hover above the relegation zone in mediocracy for far too long.
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    Hey guys, New to the PES gaming community but not the format - simply the best! Looking forward to sharing the love with y'all and hanging out. Peace