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    Kit images

    Is there anywhere to get kit images as compatible with kit server? As in.. the ready made PNGs or whatever they are?
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    Championship OF

    Does anyone intend to make one to fill the 18 spare slots and maybe 6 of the others in leagues A/B? If so, someone with an external editor might appreciate some collaborative work from Championship fans. For example, I'd happily "create" Southampton and players currently missing from the...
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    Le Tissier

    Great or not? I'm going with a resounding yes, regardless of "laziness" and so-called lack of ambition. Anyone who saw him play would surely agree. As a saints fan, I feel truly blessed to have seen his halycon days in and around the development of my passion for the game. I'm 24, and I...
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    Sunday League

    We got dicked 5-0 today. Rats. Totally unfair scoreline, too. :ninja:
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    Big S(c)AM

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    How far do you go?

    In the past, I've played ML until I win the treble on top difficulty, maybe do it again the next season and then start soemthing else. However, this time, I'm playing it longer - I'm interested to see what it's like when most people playing now are retired.. it makes it more challenging to...
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    Southampton FC

    Yeah! We suck now!! Yeeeaaah!! But seriously.. we do. Lowe out? good idea or not? Woodward? Stay and see what happens or fuck off? New players? Players who should get lost? etc. Post views here. COYR.
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    Odd one - crashing for no apparent reason.

    And before anyone says "search the forum" or "delete replay files" and so on, it is NOT that problem. I was about to play a master league WEFA championships semi final second leg but when the game loads (ie after formation), it crashes. I have the superpatch installed, and have done for a...
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    Maybe unseen videos - Xbox version?
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    Patching - Problems

    Anyone have any ideas to help me? I got the supposedly latest konami patch for PES3, and downloaded various stadia, kits, ad boards and so on in anticipation of putting them in. Yet when i try to run that PES browser program, it cant open the files as it claims theyre corrupted or something...
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    A BASIC explanation

    Hey - I had PES3 on the PS2, but sold my PS2 as I was strapped, and was meant to be out of the country for 3 months, virtually until PES 4 came out anyway. So it didn't matter, as I was going to get it on PC. But I came back early, anyway, so I snapped up PC PES3 for cheap, nice.. but of course...