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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    So.. what has been changed?
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Any update on new release?
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    Most overrated player in PES series?

    Erm, Dyer's not THAT good. Decent but perhaps he is over=rated. Good call on Alan Smith, whoever said that. I think he's a good player, but he's far from the best. Phil Neville is over-rated in the game too. It seems to think he's a footballer.
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    retired players data in pes6?

    Matthew le Tissier. Eric Cantona. HTH.
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Can I disagree with nick_yeomans? I think adding Harchester would be a poor addition to what is otherwise shaping up to be a comprehensive, realistic OF. Using a space up for a fictional team would be daft, and also, OF's are for a lot of teams - if you want just one team added, I'm sure you can...
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    Most overrated player in PES series?

    Recoba. An excellent player on his day, but not the best in the world, he's far too inconsistent to be given stats as high as he has continually been given. Ibrahimovic seems to have been toned down a bit this year, if I'm right, which is just as well.
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Yeah, fine, hitmanUK, still. If you don't have the capacity. I was merely talking about the lack of some standardisation in this. Anyone able to do the FM conversion for this OF, with Titch's permission? It would make it bloody good...
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    I think to do the best OF, you'd need to get fans of teams to help - I'm sure you know that - but also introduce some way of standardising arguments about the qualities of players. For example, Captain Cabinet may differ to me greatly on some players abilities - of course opinions count in...
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    I appreciate it's quite hard to make championship teams worse than premiership teams, whilst keeping fans of these teams happy! The fact of the matter is that individual teams are *almost* as good as premiership ones, but not quite! Some players in the championship are as good as or better than...
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Yeah, well everyones aware that potential doesn't equal success - which is why it's important how he's handled right now. I think Walcott, for example, will work out OK - I rate Wengers sense, nurturing and coaching - but with other managers the move could have backfired majorly.
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    First, ta, Titch - it wasn't meant to be an attack, I hope you realise! I can see a lot of work is already in it, it just needs some refinement before it's excellent! I do think over-all the structure and so on, logos, most kits seem pretty good. I actually think you can do slightly better...
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    I appreciate the effort that's gone into this, but some of the stat stuff is WAY out. How can Huddersfield or Forest be better than most of the champpionship sides? Absurd. How can Rasiak, second top scorer in the championship, be pretty shit? Why do goalkeepers start up front for some teams...
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    Best Option File here ...

    Well thank god you've got the flip-flap settings right! That's by far the most important thing as far as I'm concerned.
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    the most BEAUTIFUL Stadiums (kitsever)

    Agreed, that AZ one is fucking fantastic work!
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    Titch's British OF

    If you need any advice about Southampton, PM me. looks a goodie.
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    Allsvenskan option file

    This would be nice, I follow some of this action seeing as some ex saints players are there - Anders Svensson, Leandre Griffit etc.
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    british Patch?' for pes6

    I'd love a patch like this.
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    Arrghhh... Sliding tackle bug... :(

    I believe that the manual 'force the nearest other player to press' now also results in that player attempting slide tackles - that's what I believe has happened. Makes you more careful with the square button now, which is a good thing IMO.
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    Wrestling - TV discussion (*24 hour spoiler rule*)

    I have no favourite wrestler, as IMO it sucks. HTH.
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    [PS2] Lennon Club Pes6 Option File(UK)

    Can you overwrite the U21 teams / classic teams with club teams, and then use them to complete a 24 club league, ie, the championship? just a thought.