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  1. vinnie07

    PES2020 edit mode with PES2021 Season Update

    Do we think we’ll able to use our PES2020 edit data with the 2021 season update? For example can we export our created teams and import them again after the update? Or will the PES2020 TED. files be unusable with the PES2021 season update? I hope we don’t have to start from scratch for a change!
  2. vinnie07

    PES2020 Data Pack 3.0

    So I’ve just installed DP3 and chose NOT to update club or national squads - I’ve done too much editing now to want it all reset! I’ve noticed that players added by the data pack are now free agents, such as Saka at Arsenal - complete with face scan. Does anyone know of any list, anywhere...
  3. vinnie07

    Free Agents

    So this guy has made 64 free agents not already in game. Im pretty sure they’re real players but not certain. They go in over the two original classic teams, so they can be exported. Does anyone know if “create players” are actually...
  4. vinnie07

    Creating kits for PES

    The only editing skill I don't currently have is kit creating. I’d really like to learn! Does anyone know of any step by step guide for creating kits to use in PES? I have a couple of little known Asian teams I’d like to add to my OF, so I think that’s a good place to hone a new skill...
  5. vinnie07

    PES2019 OF to use for PES2020

    I’m looking for an OF with stadium and manager images for PES2019 so that I can recycle them for PES2020. Does anyone have a link? All of the PESuniverse and PESworld OF s for PES2019 have been taken down :( and I’ve accident my deleted the files I downloaded last year! ;(
  6. vinnie07

    PESUniverse Option File - a question

    I have silver hub membership with these guys this year. But I don't see a forum or detailed breakdown of the OF contents. Does anyone know if their Bundesliga uses all of the fake players in the PEU league? Or if when I import I’ll end up with lots of PEU league fake players as free agents...
  7. vinnie07

    Correct Team / Player names

    So, the full league and team list have been announced. Can we put together a list of...
  8. vinnie07

    [PC/PS4] J-League 1 & 2

    This is a link to a J-League 1 and 2 PC patch made by someone on twitter ( Link: There is already a fixes update out for it. Could someone please convert this to PS4?
  9. vinnie07

    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    WENB PES2014 BLES/BLUS Option File (PS3) Option File Contents: Club Teams: National Teams: Classics: Download links:This Option File is compatible with PES2014 version 1.01 and data pack 1.00 BLES v1.1 Update BLUS v1.1 Update Installation Guides: This work is...
  10. vinnie07

    [PS3] WENB OF v3

    The newest and most usable version of our Option File is now available here... (Mods, please locked this thread I will take all questions etc on our boards!) Thanks Rob
  11. vinnie07

    Post DP2.0 Questions

    Guys I need some information, When you default the transfers, where does Roberto Carlos end up? in Classic Brazil or in the standalone classic players? Also, who the hell are Armize and Fil Ilsaci who also look like classic additions with DP2.0? Thanks for any help!
  12. vinnie07

    Bundesliga Exports for 01406

    You'll find them here :D
  13. vinnie07

    International Retirements for ML

    I thought I would kick something off that will help make our Master Leagues more realistic in PES2012. Post in here any players who retire from international football. In Edit Mode to change the players nationality for this... Begin to create a new player in the create player section, Do...
  14. vinnie07

    FM--->PES Stats converter help

    Hi all, Was gonna keep this to myself for now and unleash it when finished in case i couldn't pull it off and the irony is... i don't think i can pull it off. I have Gortop's FM08 Genie Scout and the attached stats converter but wanted to update it for FM11 and change the converter to work...
  15. vinnie07

    [PS3] Installing an Option File and maintaining trophies

    Ok here's how you can import another persons edit data (Option File) and still have the trophies enabled on your PS3. NOTE: I take no responsibility if you lose your edit data, if you follow this exactly you wont lose it! On the PS3 main menu, create a new user. In this new user profile...
  16. vinnie07

    Players to be Base Copied before 12/10/10

    I thought it would be a good idea for the community to list the players that need to be base copied into the Create Player Section before the First Konami DLC removes them. I like alot of people (in the UK at least) will be creating the Bundesliga and npower Championship so preserving these...
  17. vinnie07


    Anyone know what's going on with pes stats database? The site has been down for days. Just hoping its still around come October!!
  18. vinnie07

    WEFA Option File 2010 v2.0

    Credit to Jamesta for the Banner Version 2.0 Compatible with Konami DLC V1.04 Version 2.1 Compatible with Konami DLC V1.04 Version 2.2 Compatible with Konami DLC V1.05 Version 2.3 Compatible with Konami DLC V1.07 Full Version Compatible with Konami DLC V1.07 (Contains all of the above...
  19. vinnie07

    WEFA 2010 Option File V2

    WEFA 2010 Option File V2 - OUT NOW Credit to Jamesta for the Banner Out NOW I decided to create teams that would make my ML work better and wanted to post the file up to share in case anyone was looking for the same! All in all I have created more than 650 players, adjusted over 130 fake...
  20. vinnie07

    (PS3) WEFA Master League Option File

    Coming Soon Option will be released after the Konami Update! Master league Version: All created teams with the exception of Leverkusen, Dortmund and Hoffenheim, have been created over a non-licensed team to make them available for ML selection. the Non-licensed team will now be available in...