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  1. SemiSilesian

    [Faces] Face Search Reverse

    maybe it´s a stupid idea. I know that there a players in the free agents section which have a very good preset face. So i think it will be nice to use them -maybe for National Teams or club Teams. A few of them i´ve used in the "Base Copy" Thread-but here are players i haven´t base copied yet...
  2. SemiSilesian

    Lets create Liga Aguila together !!

    It´s just an idea of me. I like to edit faces and teams,but for me it´s impossible to edit 20 teams or a whole league cause my eyes don´t work properly,so i´ve only 1 hour time a day to sit at my PC or PS4 to work or to play. so what about to create Liga Aguila together ? i can edit 2 or three...
  3. SemiSilesian

    [Faces]Base Copy Players

    o.k,let´s start with base coping players :) * =changed,was formerly other player J.Magennis (Hull City/Northern Ireland NT) -Fernandinho (Man City) J.Knudsen (Free Agent/Denmark NT) - Winks (Tottenham Hotspur) T.Hubocan (Free Agent,formerlySlovakia NT) - Caio Henrique (Brazil/Fluminense)...
  4. SemiSilesian

    [FACES] Copy base players

    o.k.,lets start with missing players without real face. we can also use players from PES 2018. here´s first player for PES 2019: Renato Augusto (Brazil NT) - Leandro Castan (Spain/free agent)
  5. SemiSilesian

    List of teams PEU/PLA/PAS League

    I´m searching for a list which shows the country from fake teams. i remember that there was a discussion about that in an older PEs-Threat,but i don´t remember if this was in PES 2017 or PES 2018. for example : Mrabspor is for a turkish team. i´m intersted expecially for south american...
  6. SemiSilesian

    Al Wahda Abu Dhabi

    Hello here´s my option file for Al Wahda Abu Dhabi from the UAE. it replaces team Almorfida. kit´s are not mine,it´s from Konami PES 2015,i´ve modified them,but not professional. sponsor logo isn´t right colour(black instead of white),i´ve no idea to change this. 26 players are included,also...
  7. SemiSilesian

    Faces by SemiSilesian

    [Faces] by SemiSilesian Hello i´m not a professional facebuilder,but i´m enjoying to build player faces. i´ve built a few players from National Teams which aren´t built yet. today i´m writing the formulas from this players here,pictures will be following. thanks and credits to...
  8. SemiSilesian

    Chapecoense 2.0 Option File -help needed-

    Hello hope there are members from Brazil here who can help me with young players from Chapecoense i´m building an option file with young players from Chapecoense,but i don´t know correct position and height of them: i found the names at Chepecoense Homepage under " Elenco SUB 20" ANDRE...
  9. SemiSilesian

    Hello from Duisburg

    Hello everybody i´m playing PES-this wonderful soccer game- since the early 90s on SNES. this year it makes most fun,and for my opinion it´s better than the other soccer game cause i like editing. i´m an older gamer,now 54 years old and married and i´m working for german railways...