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  1. HypeD

    FC Porto

    how do you guys (people who are not from Portugal) see FC Porto? I mean.. we win the league almost every year.. we have 2 Champions Leagues, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 European Supercup, 2 Intercontinental Cups, and we constantly sell players to the big european clubs by huge sums of money (Deco to...
  2. HypeD

    Konami's Official PES 2010 Update

    I read somewhere that it was coming out this thursday. is there any truth to it?
  3. HypeD

    A couple of questions about OFs

    - I've read stuff about people downloading an OF but since it was not made in the language they usually play in, some names stay unedited. does this happen? and what names stay unedited? playernames or team names? - I've also read that it is impossible to get in the game any downloaded saved...
  4. HypeD

    Muff Von OF

    Is it coming? if so, is there a prediction on when it will be ready? i've just edited a few transfers in my game, I can't get myself to do anything else since i'm hoping to get that OF. I loved it last year. so, should I start editing by myself or get another OF or should I wait? :)