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  1. HypeD

    [EMBLEMS] The League/Cup Logos Creation Thread

    that's not the Portuguese Cup logo.. that's the Portuguese LEAGUE CUP Logo. the correct logo is this one: on another subject.. is there a logo for the next Copa America?
  2. HypeD

    Completely outdated rosters

    do we have any idea when the roster update is going to come out?
  3. HypeD

    [BLES01408] DFL OptionFile 2012 1./2.Bundesliga|Transfers|HQ-Kits|Nationals

    because of a number of things. I know I'm a bit picky, it's just my opinion. 1) the badges for all the teams aren't in order.. 2) the Swansea logo sucks.. there's a better one with a white circle. 3) the players in the squads created for the Bundesliga teams aren't in order. the first 11...
  4. HypeD

    [BLES01408] DFL OptionFile 2012 1./2.Bundesliga|Transfers|HQ-Kits|Nationals

    the way the editing was done in this OptionFile is so sloppy.. so sloppy..
  5. HypeD

    PES 2012 - Your top 6 suggestions

    this is for the PS3 obviously.. 1. Infinite badge slots (or at least the same number as non-licensed teams) 2. Possibility to choose either to edit the kits in the usual way or to import these kind of PNGs ( 3. 3rd kits 4. When you create a...
  6. HypeD

    Portuguese League Issue

    I made the portuguese league from scratch last season. badges, kits, stadiums and all the freggin' players. took me a while :) I'm really happy about his new addition. And since even the unlicensed portuguese teams come with all the players it's going to take me a lot less time to do it.
  7. HypeD

    The europa league question

    I totally agree with this. One of the things I do all the time is play the same games scheduled both in the national leagues and Europe that week. If there is a United x City derby.. I play them as a friendly match. if there is a Barcelona x Milan in the Champions League, I get on the Champions...
  8. HypeD

    51 emblem spaces in PES 2012

    51 Badges are enough. the thing is not editing the D2 League.. just so you can use it as the second division for any national league you use in the ML. if you edit that league as, for instance, the Championship, if you start a ML with, say, Barcelona, it's going to be weird to have english...
  9. HypeD

    [JackWhoBRA]- JackWhoWENB PES2011 png kits formulae 10/11 PS3

    I had the same problem. Just do the following: - download the file - open you gmail acount and send and e-mail with the file to youself - open the mail - choose "View as HTML" or "Open as a Google spreadsheet" - it should open right up :)
  10. HypeD

    [COMPLETE] Liga ZON Sagres + Orangina PNG's

    I'm planning on editing them all the way through.. it's gonna take a while.. but I'm hoping I'll have it done in about 2 weeks. I'll only edit for 1 or 2 hours everyday so.. otherwise I'd have it done in a couple of days :) my version is the European one.. BLES01022
  11. HypeD

    Rainey's Stadium & Ad-Board Thread

    there's no need to unlock anything.. the walls are editable from the start. they'll show up :) there's no need to restart.
  12. HypeD

    Rainey's Stadium & Ad-Board Thread

    put them on a usb stick.. copy them into the PS3.. create a new stadium.. and on the wall designs load the picture into the game.
  13. HypeD

    Rainey's Stadium & Ad-Board Thread

    hey guys, here's a few more adboards to use :) PREMIERSHIP the first one doesn't look that good ingame.. i use the second one and it looks great. TOTTENHAM if someone made White Hart Lane.. LIGA ZON SAGRES the first one looks a bit confusing ingame.. I tend to use the following two...
  14. HypeD

    [COMPLETE] Liga ZON Sagres + Orangina PNG's

    nice :D i've got all the competition logos, all the team badges, all the Premiership kits, all the spanish and the missing italian kit, all the transfers made, made Schalke, Leverkusen, Stuttgart and Dortmund from scratch and put them in FC Porto's, Sporting's, Benfica's and Braga's slots in...
  15. HypeD

    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    sooo.. when are the PNGs and the formulae for the Bundesliga going to be posted? anytime soon? :)
  16. HypeD

    Hey So, are you gonna post the PNGs for the portuguese league teams? Cheers

    Hey So, are you gonna post the PNGs for the portuguese league teams? Cheers
  17. HypeD

    [PS3] PES 2011 Liga Zon Sagres Option File

    i guess it could be better, but it looks fine in the game :) try it out. :)
  18. HypeD

    1st DLC : List of Change made By Konami

    Cluj and Rubin Kazan now have their kit.
  19. HypeD

    1st DLC : List of Change made By Konami

    NEW PLAYER Walter (FC Porto)
  20. HypeD

    PES 2011 DLC will be released 12th October

    yeah.. same here. I mean, I didn't create new players and transfer them around (i was waiting for this update before I did that).. and I guess that bit would get overwritten. I chose "YES" and still kept all the other editing I had done.