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    It does the same for me. It ask for cv_1.part4.rar....???
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    Option file for XBOX 360

    I have found a lot of option files for PC, PS2 and Xbox, but is there any option file for the Xbox 360 version? And how does it work? Please help me
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    [Xbox] Option file for Pes5 Xbox version

    Nevermind. I figured it out :) Thanks for the help kraz_zay - and thanks to j708 for the new option file - it's great :) The only thing I really miss is the old shirts. Is there any chance that I can have the players and update from the new option file and the old shirts?
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    [Xbox] Option file for Pes5 Xbox version

    Thanks I have downloaded the option file from j708 and PESfan editor 5. But I don't know how to convert the option file to my xbox...? The old option file was a "udata" map to insert on the xbox. But this one is not a map but just a file. That confuse me a lot :(
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    [Xbox] Option file for Pes5 Xbox version

    Hi, Is there any newer option file available for the Xbox version of Pes5?