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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    I have v1 but am planning to install v2 from scratch. Will I gain any benefit by reloading v1 before the Konami update and v2?
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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    I had this working previously but just tried this again and it is missing the kit sponsors! Everything else has loaded fine. Any idea what the problem could be?
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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    Will squad numbers be corrected in v2?
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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    Can I have some instructions on how to use this option file with xploder hardware (and the xport software)? Thanks in advance.
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    PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]

    Have you left stats untouched?
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    Big Boss Option File V1.5

    Are all stats left untouched?
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    Pescrazy's Ultimate Option File V3

    Was about to download this option file until I read this.. to what extent has this been done? Only newly created players or all players? I ask as I want an option file with all the kits, boots, accessories, names, etc. etc. etc. but leaves stats untouched the way Konami intended.
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    [PS2 & PC - others to follow] Cantona and Timfen's PES6 Option File

    To what extent have the stats on this option file been editied? e.g. Have you used PLF or Football Manager stats? I hope not because I want to play the game how Konami intended (though this cannot be avoided for newly created players).. can you confirm either way?
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    WE10 (PES6) Music Map - Please look in and help!!

    Hi, as much as I love people's efforts here to compile music packages, it never suits everyones tastes. As an alternative to Konami's default I wish to make one based on the music used by SKY Sports. This will mean its generic and also apply to football. I have a whole collection of...
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    [PS2] PES5 PESfan V2 Option file

    Hey, is there a version of this memory card file edited for use with patched versions of games, i.e. kits set to default!? Like you usually put up? Thanks.
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    [WE8LE] Reefur We8le Patch 0.9 Dvd/cd

    Anyone got just the option file for this patch - I download applied and have played the patch, but deleted it all without keeping the option file... Now need it to unlock some of the features - saving me time... And now I have realised I cannot download the option file by itself and would...
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    [PS2] PES4 PESFAN V3 Option file [X-port & Max Drive]

    Is it me or does this patch make the game much slower? To what extent have player stats been changed?
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    [PS2] PES4 option file - PESfan V2 patched version update

    Didnt even realise PESFan v2 was out! Can't wait for my max drive to arrive so I can use this edited version with jb's latest update patch! Nice one guys!
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    pesfan V1 option file updated by markandawn to use with patched PES4

    Has anyone had any luck using the bin/cue files for v1.2 of this file? I am getting disc read errors with it using Swap Magic v3 and CDLoader - which usually work.
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    PES Fan PES4 V1 option file for X-Port and Max Drive - RELEASED

    Can anyone confirm if the bin cue files are corrupt or not? I cannot try them on my PS2 as its a new version which doesn't allow the use of CDLoader with Swap Magic. So I plan go to a mate's and use their console to get this option file on to my memory card. But in the long run, which...