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    Post a rating 9.5 pic : )

    So, still not one picture yet people claiming they've had 9.5's. Why bother lieing? Who are you trying to impress? Probably also enjoy lieing to women about their achievements too ;) The trust comes out. Be honest.
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    Post a rating 9.5 pic : )

    Only ever managed an 8.5 once. The key, as an attacking midfielder, seems to be "running with the ball" - as I had some misplaced passes in there and not particularly many interceptions. A 9.0 or 9.5 is in cloud cuckoo land for me.
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    Hitting the Post and failing consecutive wins

    Rubberband AI - check it on Wikipedia. Regardless of whether you can't get to Win No. 10, your still playing the game - thats all that matters. Had you won 30 games in a row you'd be bored. I know I would be.
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    How are you doing at Become A Legend

    Whilst since I came on this forum but my "career" is exciting and just a bit like a real footballer in demand, using the media to my advantage...! Attacking midfielder. Started at Villa, moved to Everton – who then decided to not to renew my contract – (I now hate Everton!). The offers that...
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    Your Best Pes Memory

    Most of my memories are from playing my brother, the first was on a really old version of the game when I beat him 10-0 !!!! Another good one was when it was 2-2 and in the last minute he managed to score an own-goal from outside his own box, by lobbing his own keeper! Funniest thing you'll...
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    How are you doing at Become A Legend

    Thanks alonCFC, much appreciated. Getting towards end of Season Three so will consider dropping down to Professional, although I am tempted to stay at Top Player and battle it out. Main thing that annoys me are my team mates - especially at Everton. Leighton Baines never once passed to me! And...
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    Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

    Hi, I am trying to upload my own music to the game. I have made my own folder - KONAMI_PES with no spaces and put 15 songs in there. Do they have to be mp3 format? I uploaded mine from CD, and they are classed as aac by my PS3. If they need to be mp3 is there any way to upload/convert to mp3...
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    How are you doing at Become A Legend

    First post here, wanted to see what other people were doing on Become A Legend and see how I compare. I play on Top Player, i did consider taking the difficulty level down after 1 season but realized i couldn't, and so just knuckled down and tried to get better. First season joined Aston...