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    [PS2] PES5 PESfan V2 Option file

    your an absolute legend big thanks man was ready to flip till you posted that
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    Half-Volley from 23meters

    some people are pathetic just cant wait to stick a jibe in about Chelsea jst comment on the goal which i thought was good especially with a player like Maka
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    could any1 e-mail me the formula to design the most popular boots out e.g Nike vapours, mercurials, legends, adidas F50+ etc. In game editing please if possible a screenshot of what they look like thanks [email protected]
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    My PES5 Compilation "FCP Youth Stars"

    links workin perfectly currently downloadin it
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    [PES5] Zidane shot/lob R2 shot from edge of box after fake shot

    Elegant finish the great man himself would have been proud to score that
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    Bootpack Makers Inc.

    Much thanks in your own time artistic freedom is a gift and you certainly have it
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    Bootpack Makers Inc.

    editable: Nike Legend Nike Air Zoom Total 90 both with the ticks on both sides and the big 90 on 1 side non editable: Adidas Dragon Pulse (beckham) Adidas f50+ gold white (riise) Adidas Pred Pulse Blue (lampard + crespo) Nike Mercurial Vapour white red (Henry) Nike Mercurial Vapour...
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    PES4 best player???

    its gotta be Denilson for me he wins me around 15 free kicks a game and in 1 game won 4 penalties (diver? maybe) but he lead my assists and goalscoring charts in my La Liga campaign
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    [WE8LE] Team Reefur and Maximo Patch 2005-2006 Update

    looks absolutely impressive good job fellas i hope to be playing pes4 in the same way u guys should be signed up by Konami you are absolute ledgends i pray to god it works for me!! :D
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    [PES4] Jonboyo's Final Pes4 ps2 patch-jb30.10.04pes4.ppf

    Hey guys first time posting im currently downloading jonboyo's patch but i see no1 is seeding if anybody seeds i promise to always keep it available for any1 else this is totally selfish and makes me sick