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    My Master League 2017 Journey

    Thanks for the info. Seems pretty cool.
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    Good ML Buys

    Thanks. Look forward to building a team that Gegenpresses the crap out of the opposition ;) What formations do you use?
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    Good ML Buys

    I think he could do well in a 4-2-3-1 as one of the two CMFs, maybe alongside Henderson? I have just bought CASEMIRO and shipped out Lucas. Seems like a solid replacement.
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    HOW to edit PS4 PES 2017 teams on a PC

    bump! really interested to know if this is possible.
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    Good ML Buys

    Great topic! Can someone tell me what Renato Sanchez's OVR is when he plays DMF?
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    My Master League 2017 Journey

    Great OP! Can anyone explain how the team roles work? I've just started my ML and I got a cut scene showing that Coutinho was now a maestro? I've also noticed different Lvls by the players stats. Do they have any effect? Thanks!
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    wow seems like an age since I last posted. Been away for 6 years but I'm finally back with this years PES. Although I have the PC version is there anyway I can use this lovely option file? Can I just import it like I would do for the PS4? Thanks
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    XBOX OPTION File 2009/2010

    can i copy this file directly from a usb stick onto my xbox360?
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    hi with the option file you uploaded, the kits are all black. hope you can help thanks.

    hi with the option file you uploaded, the kits are all black. hope you can help thanks.
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    My new option file

    all created kits are black :(
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    We9 lek of updated to 02/02/2010

    hey great OF! however i have problems with the commentary. it doesnt work with this OF? :S
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    [PS2 + PC] Bennetinho's 08/09 Option File

    any news on this file?
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    [PS2 + PC] Bennetinho's 08/09 Option File

    cant wait for this!
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    NEW 08/09 Season

    i'm glad people are still making option files for PES6! this game is still better than pes 2009. keep up the good work!
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    How To Score 25 Yard Screamers!

    when i try to aim for the corner it doesnt go all the way, its always within the keepers reach.
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    2021 any star players to sign

    im ya pro playa ya arss rite
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    buying players in master league!?

    he has a good haircut
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    World Tour Mode

    isnt it on the pc version?
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    PES 2008 Patch 1.1

    anyone notice many changes?
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    What graphics card are you using to run PES2008?

    exactly what i was saying why do you need 4000 x 3000 or something ridculous. if you've only got a 19inch screen the highest i go up to is 1280 x 1024.