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    PES 2017 PC Import Option File - need Help

    Too bad, the pc version of import files are not on .bin . Doesn't even have any extention just name file of TEXPORT00000000 (for the first slot).
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    No.1 Owner Achievement

    especially with the business side of the club. Like making a new shopping centre or training ground in real life is not in juridiction for the managers/ headcoach. Got to be on the Chairman turf.
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    [PC] 2012 Patch 2.2 - Released! #18/11/11 (Wupload links)

    there’s also a problem with the boots since this one doesn’t support 80 boots. will there be a fix?
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    PESEdit 2012 Patch 2.1 - Compatible with Official Patch 1.02 - Multi Download Links

    duh ^^;; of course it's the same file. Cause all these 3 part zipped are to compensate for that file. Have you check the size of that installer.exe?
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    copy and paste it to your game directory. I assumed yours are jailbreaked?
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    championship aka british championship league one? afraid not.
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    wandiey: YUp, I got mine from his filesonic link as well.
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    mr.yes: jailbreak your ps3 first then backup your pes2011 to external harddrive.
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    mr.yes: do you own a cfw/jailbreak ps3? can play backup from external hard-drive? I'm guessing you're not.
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    luigi: the classic players need to be renamed as well, they're still on the original state.
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    Where do i find PES Shop on 2009 on PS3???

    yeah .. what's the point of having them really
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    How to Reduce Sport Violence among children?

    education doesn't really help actually. People need to be mentally prepared to control their emotion since violence can be done just in the heat of the moment..
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    C'mon! Top Player Is Too Good In...

    LOL. Temper temper
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Is it working? Mine doesn't or I don't have a clue. I only copy the edit file . New to the console and all , is there a way to copy all files to ps3 at once? There are around 200 files, you don't suppose I have to copy all of them one by one?
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    Did anyone have "option file" that can be used on WE2009 (PS3)??

    highly doubt there's one. My have We09 myself. Well, the Japanese version is released only few days ago. Perhaps we should give it a few weeks and see how it goes.
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    Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

    Ouch ! Me just bought the Japanese version (Winning Eleven 2009). That means I'm screwed right? I really doubt anyone will ever come up with the OF of this version.
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    SYSTEM FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!! on PS3

    ?? I thought the things that can be unlocked are classic players only.
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    Face scans in pes 2008: the funny edition

    how about basketball player like kobe, shag, jordan, err rodman? Spiderman, stephen chow, or anime charater like Sakuragi from slam dunk
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    PES2008 option file => WE2008

    Have to wait for some one doin the jap ver option file. I prefer the japanese ver by the way , since I tends to make my CAP to have japs names to sound manga-ish ^^