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    PES 2013 - First game play trailer

    They should abandon the current engine and have a new start with a new team. I'm not impressed, the animations still look crap and the whole ball glued to foot physics are getting old IMO.
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    That game is amazing, but...

    I admit I haven't worked out PeS12's shooting system yet. I can run directly at the keeper 10 times in a row in the same game with the same player (Become a legend) and 9 times the ball will fly off at weird angles. Even when I'm not sprinting. It's like the game is scripted to control my shots...
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    PES 2013 wish list

    New animation engine and use something like the physics engine used in Backbreaker. The current animations are awful and so last gen.
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    Your experience with BAL

    I think it's fairly limited and not as immersive as FIFA's equivalent. The features I like in FIFA: * seeing where my player should be positioned * seeing the effect of my actions, knowing if they have a positive or negative effect * seeing my rating change during the game These make the...
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    New DLC Coming Dec 27th!

    Why is anyone surprised about this? Konami always release new boots and balls without fixing the game. It's much cheaper and easier to do this.
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    [BLUS30805] SammyGunner11's PES2012 PS3 Option File [US Version]

    Is it the PS3 that forces us to copy each file separately or is it PES? I want to try this but I don't have the time or energy! :)
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    [BLES01407] GTM Pro World PES 2012 of [ps3 EU]

    Is an EU options file only for European PS3s? I'm in Canada, do I need the US options file?
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    New Layout

    Screenshot of the forums on my iPad.
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    New Layout

    The forums don't work on an iPad. The footer is overlaid half way down the page and the ad block is always on top of the first post in a topic. I saw the notification that there's an app for these types of forums but I prefer to use a browser.
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    This is some serious goalkeeping!!!

    I think EA made the right move with the impact engine. The old style hitbox/canned animations in games like PES are showing their age IMO. The current gen games should make more use of physics and per-polygon collisions, like the impact engine. Backbreaker uses similar technology (at least from...
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    Demo out on psn+ now! Use this thread to discuss demo!

    I watched a few videos of the demo and the animations still look rather poor; the transitions are still clunky and I really can't see a huge improvement. The reviews will have be in the high 80s or even low 90s for me to consider picking it up.
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    My pes 2011 ideas & wish list

    "1.Change the gameplay completely because the players look as though they skate on grass, instead of running." Yes! This is one of the things I really hate about PES2010.
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    PES 2011: Football Evolved

    The video is more than likely a CGI rendering. PES2011 is being developed by a different team isn't it? The chances of a new team developing a new product getting it right first time are low.
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    PES 2010 DLC on 18th May ( Information )

    More boots and balls? Waste of time.
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    Goodbye Konami.

    You don't speak for me. Ever. I know nothing about tech_skill, nor do I want to. But I agree with some of his comments. PES 2010 IMO is crap and needs a complete rewrite. Animations; AI; referees; passing; collision (lack of); audio....
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    PES 2010: A gamers verdict

    I think I rated PES2010 at 3/10 on metacritic. Broken animation and collision system, broken AI, broken refs, broken gameplay etc. It's a coaster for me too. Absolute crap.
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    Worth a go?!

    I would personally say avoid PES10. This is the first release I bought since WE8 and I can't stand it. It's broken, it's outdated and it's just not worth the money (IMO!).
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    Are you Frustrated with Konami?

    Yes! But it doesn't matter because PES10 is back in its case on the shelf and will never escape. :)
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    In the edge... Pes 2010 gameplay Views

    Except can Euphoria "control" 22 players without bringing the console/computer to its knees??
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    What happened to playtesting!?!?

    Hopefully Ubisoft will bring out their soccer game and it'll be good enough that Konami's market share drops 50% - that'll get someone's attention. Bugs don't attract attention; lost sales do. Konami has lost me as a customer until they bring out a decent game.