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    Diss is a town in Norfolk , check it out, you never know you may get educated in the process!!!
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    shadypro , for your information, I'm using the PS3 online and if you can't come on here and leave feedback without all your petty bitching about "retard's" don't bother. Go "dis" yer mom sure she'd appreciate it !!!!
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    is that a threat?
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    Surely though before they launched the game you would think that Konami would have addressed a problem with incompatable cpu's? didn't affect 2009 version!
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    Whilst the 2009 online experience was jittery to say the least , was expecting the latest version 2010 to have resolved all the issues that surrounded online play. After all that sat down to play an online game , not jittery like 2009, but..... so dissapointing the lag between pressing the...
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    Hi just by way of introduction ,I'm a 45 year old Londoner whose been playing PES since it was first introduced as ISS on psone.
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    Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

    downloading option file from flash memory to ps3 Having trouble downloading von 1.06 as ps3 not detecting files on flash memory.Have seen a few posts that touched on the subject and have re-formatted memory stick then downloaded option file onto it.Have PS3 file then SAVEDATA sub folder showing...