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    Wemerica Pes Ultimate Season 07-08

    can someone please seed? or re-up somewhere with Wemerica's permission? Great work by the way :)
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    [ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update

    Read through the first post but couldn't find anything about the Man Utd shirt... ..does it have the shield around the crest? and it the shield created as a logo so the colour of it can be changed to black for the away kit? thanks!...otherwise....sure it will be a great file! well done...
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Blue is online.... HERE IT COMES LADS!!
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    i thought the football was quite good too....
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Geeez....some of you people are impatient little fuckers aren't you!! how many of you actually edit their game yourself....or have ever tried....or know how difficult it is...!? i keep mine up to date....but download files because they're generally 300000% better than my attempts....and...
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    "When Skies Are Grey..." Well done sure to put up your donation link when everything dies down a bit! edit: 5 posts with the same answer...all within 1's busy in here!
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    brilliant mate....! well done to all involved! ...and well done for putting up with everyone moaning about how long its taking!
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    [PS2] WSAG Evolution Option File

    ....patience! bloody hell!