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    Revisiting the PS2 games and its very frustrating

    So I am playing PES 2009 via emulator because because why not? Anyway a lot of memories of frustration from that time kind of came back, particularly in the ML mode. The frustration comes in two forms: The first is that there doesn't seem to be much consistency in players. I began my ML mode...
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    PES 2013 compared to PES 6

    Too late. PES wont be on PS4/One.
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    PES is dying Not even on a next gen console anymore. That's sad. It's an admission they cant compete with FIFA anymore. They have won. Even if its just for 1 installment FIFA will have the advantage...
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    Overrated players: Martins!!!

    My first post in like a year: I think we should just accept it PES just isn't that good anymore. It cant even get the offline ML right.
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    My PES 2013 Wishlist

    Multiple in match camera angles. -like you can have another perspective in the top right hand corner or alternatively you could be able to press a button ,say select, to change the angle. A competent master league. Seriously :no: its always been awful
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    Is there any such thing as a cheat tactic?

    By cheat tactic I mean a tactic that nearly always wins because it exploits a lack of realism. For example In CM 01/02 there was a tactic called 4-1-4-1 Iodine which was absolutely absurd. You could win the premier league easily every season with crap.
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    Where's everybody gone?

    I really liked PES 10 even with the god awful Master League. I hated PES 11.
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    FFS fix the god damn master league already?

    Will they ever fix the god awful transfer system? I'm not expecting football manager-like realism but christ sake! it's so effing annoying only having 3/4 transfers 1 of which is pre determined at the beginning of the game only for them to fall through because of the awkward system. Just give us...
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    England and Real Madrid, the two most overrated teams in PES2010

    I'm English myself and we the fans have low opinion of our national team and tbf in previous games of pro evo, England have been pathetic with an embaressing bench (according to Konami) so much that I put Ferdinand in dmc. England have got great players such as Gerrard and Lampard but they are...
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    PES 2010 - Is it easy or is it hard?

    I agree with the above. I'm not a great player of pro probably average but I found that in the ps2 days that top player was too hard for me. These days it's less stressful esp if you are playing the likes of Barca v Real etc where you can juts run past full backs etc, however I find playing as...
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    My return to pro evo after 3 years

    Never said I didn't like it just that it has a few flaws that I would of expected better from a series that has been around for 10 years oh and the commentary is pretty bad although it is a huge improvement from the last commentators. It can't make up its mind what it thinks about headed...
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    My return to pro evo after 3 years

    I used to play this game obsesively starting from pro evo on the ps1. I was also pretty good at pro evo 2 and then it all went down hill and I got really bad, couldn't play on 5 star mode very well and after pro 6 I just gave up and went to football manager, anyway i've returned and here are my...