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    It's actually embrassing.

    Madrid, barca and Munich bum boys, you are useless
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    so sad about this

    Hey Betty, Frustrated at your frustration! Can I make a suggestion? Don't worry about all the sliders etc etc, I don't fiddle with any and I'm currently top 100 on Xbox one with a 70% win ratio. Not trying to sound cocky in that sentence just wanting to highlight that the next thing...
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    Get in!!

    Just beat the number 7 ranked on Xbox one! 3-1!
  4. G

    Real Madrid spammers...

    Right had 10 games with Madrid only lost 1, just isn't enjoyable, they are too good from front to back, and anyone who uses them has a straight advantage, I'm using Liverpool now, played 10. Won 8 lost 1 drew 1 mainly v Madrid!!
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    Real Madrid spammers...

    I'm one of the mongs who played with Man U for 40 games and got so fed up of playing Madrid every game that I switched to Madrid so it was man v man! It's so boring, I wish you could select 3 teams, and when your matched with someone you can then select which one of the 3 you would like to...
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    Real Madrid spammers...

    Oooo that's why everyone is Madrid! Well after loosing 4 in a row, to Madrid...obviously I don't think I have been beaten by any other team, only loosing 19 online, so I was Madrid, and wow every shot pretty much goes is, defence solid, Good bye chelseA hello Madrid!
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    Mutual consent button!

    That suprises me with how poor man united defence and centre mid players. I can name alot more teams with a stronger defence in the game and equally strong attack
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    Mutual consent button!

    I'm really sick of playing games with horrendous connection, 80% of games are ok but there are some where that little white box at the top shows all match, surely if that is on for linger than 20 pro evo minutes it should cancel the match. Or can't we have a option to offer a mutual end the...
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    Real Madrid spammers...

    I love playing at home v Madrid, I'm always man united, I always set the pitch short and wet, to watch there spam lob balls go out of play, or watching there players struggle to control after the ball hits the surface brings a smile to my face. Madrid=no skill
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    Miereles beard

    Can we have that on become a player?
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    Great night!

    Me and my mate had a cracking night of pro last night, we did champions league evening, we played two semis barca v Chelsea and Liverpool v athletico Madrid, Liverpool won in the final last minute counter Suarez scored, but it actually felt like old pro, where you would have some really stand...
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    Hey final score you have any luck with a replY? I ordered a USB from daymos too but havnt heard anything yet?
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    Pes 2014 online and data pack 2

    Aw well thankyou for post haste replies! Will prob be playing you soon!
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    Pes 2014 online and data pack 2

    So I played online one game won 2-1 don't know how though! Need some help, flicking between players when defending, on 2013 you could flick the right stick it would go between players....this still possible? Also when on the ball on 2013 you could flick the right stick the make a player make...
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    Pes 2014 online and data pack 2

    Hey mr monkey, well on Xbox I had to wait hours for the data pack 2 to download and it never worked after it finished, so was wondering if that had been solved? It's all about online for me, I love it !
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    Pes 2014 online and data pack 2

    I traded this game in a month or two ago, but have been playing pes 2013 online alot the last 2 weeks, so was looking to invest in 2014 again for £25 quid in asda, but was looking for some feedback from you guys to see if the data pack that was causing so many problems has been fixed on Xbox...
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    patch problems

    1 week since release...still no fix! Sooooo I traded my game in today for a dream! Lol I dear Konami you are idiots
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    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    1 week since release still no online play on Xbox, therefore I am trading this in for FIFA today, Konami pes team, you really are useless.
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    Konami better get the hand in there pocket and start paying us compensation

    Is anyone else not online yet? Feels like I'm the only one! (360)
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    Xbox online play!!

    Still no patch...still no there anyone else still not online?