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    PES 2009 Coaching book and DVD

    I will keep up the practise then and see how i go. cheers
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    PES 2009 Coaching book and DVD

    Is the Coaching manual and DVD worth buying? I am sick of not doing very well and wondered if it will help me. I am playing on the level below the top, Professional i believe as i played a league on Regular and managed to win it all be it only just so i put it up to the next level where i am...
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    best way to defend against the pc at Corner kicks ?

    How does super cancel help? just i am struggling to defend corners too!!!?!?!?
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    cant score!

    I struggle now and again to score and i am in my first league since i bought the game and notice that i can't play PES 2009 the same way as i played 2008. in 2008 i used to use the sprint button a hell of a lot and therefore i am struggling a fair but in the 2009 game but i am getting there but...
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    Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

    Where is the chants folder on the game menu as i can't find it?
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    Can someone let me know where I can find a decent US option file for PS3?

    Will this file work on a Jap version PS3? Just i am looking for one that will work on mine??
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    Konami unveils first PES 2009 club update

    Where and how do i go about getting the patch onto my PS3?
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    New to the forum and need help editing?

    Ok, i have a Jap PS3 from my time in Qatar. Will i still be able to use Von's file? or do i need a particular on for my Jap PS3? Cheers
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    New to the forum and need help editing?

    Cheers i will get stuck into that
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    New to the forum and need help editing?

    New to the forum and need help editing on a Jap PS3?? Hi people, i am new to the forum and it is only my second PES game but would like to get all the updates to the game and would like to know if possible which files i need to download onto my memory stick to update transfers/kits and names...