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  1. 2GunsUp

    I want my money back

    tempted to swap it for fifa(for the first time in my pro evo career) or saint row unless they fix the shooting
  2. 2GunsUp

    Don't you miss the days, where you could...

    Memorieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees...seriously shooting is really bad in 2012, it so annoying when after a lovely build up you shoot and it''s a tame effort which goes straight to the keeper
  3. 2GunsUp

    ~DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF~

    I have a slight problem....everytime i tried to put a bunch of files inside it keeps crashing and the files are all over the places. I can't be bothered put it eacch single file at a will take donkeys
  4. 2GunsUp

    So lets hear the truth, how would you rate PES 2012 ( ppl who played it alot by now )

    good game but too many issues....speed merchants being invincible, Shooting,Defenders being toilet, too fast in normal setting. so i chose 6
  5. 2GunsUp

    1.02 Patch dated for mid-November

    can't believe they are not going to fix the shooting....i can't even score a one on one, most of my goals are crossing or deflections
  6. 2GunsUp


    was about to start a thread on this, i am fed up with it....i defend so well on top player til my hands hurt then the AI looks for free kicks and score every each one of them. Ibraimovic scored a hat-trick of free kicks in one game ffs
  7. 2GunsUp

    Your Pes 2012 Rating...

    7.5 would be 9/10 if they could Tone down the super AI Fix dribbling,shooting, goalkeepers
  8. 2GunsUp

    Defending - PES 2012

    Even if you defend well...the AI will get a free kick then boom goal lol
  9. 2GunsUp

    Which game speed are you using?

    0 is fine if you are playing with teams that are not full of players who have these stupid cards
  10. 2GunsUp

    Come on guys learn the game!!!

    starting to get the hang of it in top player but the games usually end up like 1-1 or 0-0...i rarely win 3-0 I am doing alright defensively but scoring is a big problem...when you attack the Ai has like 8 players behind the ball. Played a game as Real Betis against Stoke...Jones scored two...
  11. 2GunsUp

    PES 2012 - The Positive Positives...and The Gamebreaking Negatives!

    for me Negatives are Defending: feels like they have made the defenders stupid and they are just happy taking it up the arse from the speed merchant Shooting:very don't what you going to get if you shoot.
  12. 2GunsUp

    HOW-TO 1 ON 1 Defending instructions

    should do one for xbox players
  13. 2GunsUp

    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    just played the demo....i have a question for folk who have the game, how is the dribbling with Speed demons like Robben and Ribery in the game ?? have they reduced it or are they still able to just walk in to your defense ??
  14. 2GunsUp

    Is Messi the death of pro evo ??

    ever since he has appeared on the game cover....its all gone shit
  15. 2GunsUp

    Full back problem

    cheers i will try and change them into centre halves and see what happens
  16. 2GunsUp

    Full back problem

    is it me or do full backs always attack in this game ?? its getting very annoying now because when i play online against the real madrids, they leaving a lot of space and am getting punished for it.
  17. 2GunsUp

    "January Transfers DLC" Coming Next Month

    when are they going to update the players stats ??..there are players like Bale,Cavani,Wilshere who all deserve a nice upgrade.
  18. 2GunsUp

    Your preferred finishing move?

    keep it simple and place it
  19. 2GunsUp

    Who ONLY uses Barcelona + Madrid

    you can add AC Milan as well
  20. 2GunsUp

    Online Xbox 360 Community League & Cup

    Nice idea..i will join