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  1. LarssonIsGhod

    Konami unveils first PES 2009 club update

    Last night i downloaded an OF, put it on my USB pen then put it onto my playstation. I put PES2009 in the PS3 (for the first time). The option file would load as it was from a newer version. So went to download the new update. I chose download, then recommended then the download sat at 0% for...
  2. LarssonIsGhod


    Welcome! I applaud you enthusiasm, it's refreshing!
  3. LarssonIsGhod

    Transfer cheat in Master League....Its work.....

    I know your english isn't the best and i respect your attempts And i also apologise for being pedantic, But you can't sign John Lennon.........He's Dead!
  4. LarssonIsGhod

    Playstation 3

    I got PlayTv at the weekend, i don't have Sky in my room so being able to pause and record live TV on ps3 is brilliant :)
  5. LarssonIsGhod

    Playstation 3

    That's terrible Phatmann, i'd imagine they would be able to do something as they shoud've cheked the PS3 for discs !!
  6. LarssonIsGhod

    What's up?

    Yo Yo Spence!
  7. LarssonIsGhod

    Village of the Banned

    Not at all.....just curious (as im sure most would be)
  8. LarssonIsGhod

    Village of the Banned

    I thought my Yellow was until 18:33 tonight?
  9. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    I always thought that, They should have the big players whos teams are no in the game as free agents It's just dead frustrating to know Arshavin (for example) is there but i cant buy him for my team!
  10. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    I'd just like to be able to buy him and Arshavin in manager mode It's frustrating because Arshavin is a brilliant player for Russia and he's my Arena player at the moment, but he's not at a club in the game so you cant get him!
  11. LarssonIsGhod

    Avatar Requests

    Cookie that's is absolutely phenomenal Thanks alot mate :)!
  12. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    I'm hoping they make R9naldo now that he has a team
  13. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    Never had any problems with that before, though i'll probably notice it now you've pointed it out!
  14. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    To be honest that's all i really expected, but something with a bit more would be nice!
  15. LarssonIsGhod

    Evening all!

    Welcome to the site sir!
  16. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    Just seen that PES9 is due for a february update. People are talking about new stadiums, boots, players, stats etc Anyone know if Fifa are doing the same? I know there will be a February update, but anyone have any idea what'll be in it? ? ?
  17. LarssonIsGhod

    Most overated player in the game in your oppinion?

    Kevin Thomson of Rangers? He's over-rated if anything!
  18. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09

    That's a brilliant team mate. My first villa team was okay. I bought Owen, Riera, Jesus Navas, and a few others. I managed 2nd in the league which i was fairly proud of!
  19. LarssonIsGhod

    Fifa 09