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  1. J

    Konami is finally dead.

    I play all PC but when it comes to sports games , i play them on console. However i have heard on the jenkey and wish i could take part in it.
  2. J

    Feedback to Konami

    You're kidding right?? cause its shit. And i have played PES for 6 years.
  3. J

    Konami is finally dead.

    Lol!! you tool bag. I started the thread and i never complained about the graphics. Because i agree with you , there the least important part of the game. However i don't think there that bad anyway. Cut out the scripting and were almost there though.
  4. J

    Konami is finally dead.

    Overall you're rude!! lol And the game is still a complete turd.
  5. J

    PES 2013 wish list

    Fire Seabass quick!! he and his staff are absolutely clueless. How do you keep your job when you keep failing??
  6. J

    Konami is finally dead.

    Well the only way to play it with any enjoyment , is in fact online. I just cant believe after years of having there ass handed to them from Fifa , this is what they come up with??? ill say it again Japan shouldn't make a footie game. They are just clueless. And this is coming from an American...
  7. J

    They have destroyed a footballing Giant!

    Exactly my thoughts!! Konami doesn't even give a damn about there customers. They haven't listened to one bit of info from us. No more blind purchasing. Take this scripted load of shit and choke on it seabass !!!:realmad:
  8. J

    Konami is finally dead.

    KONAMI !!! look at these forums....these are PES players , and there is nothing but complaints. Cant you see what you have done? I'm a 6 year PES vet and i cant stand PES 2012. Its so scripted it just isn't fun. Somethings are OK. But over all this game has set you so far back I'm not sure...
  9. J

    Offside trap!

    Playing your backs high?? right?
  10. J

    Accumulated fatigue (League)

    Wrong!!!! its another broke feature. I have players after one half that are beat to death for no reason. Its broke and Konami has to tone it down. Another broke feature added to a amateur attempt at a game.
  11. J

    New DLC Coming Dec 27th!

    Pathetic gaming company with little to no consideration for its customers. What a bunch of losers!! they fix absolutely nothing??!! I honestly don't think seabass would be allowed to work at any other gaming company he's that big a failure.
  12. J

    Please Konami give up.

    I am in total agreement. I seriously don't think that someone Japanese can make a footie game. I don't mean to be nasty , but i live in the States and i would be horrified if we made one as well. Konami just sell your franchise to a true Football country. Heck! just pick one. Why they don't fix...
  13. J

    Feel so darn powerless

    You say its an art.....but the truth is this. You have to learn to walk around a huge shooting issue. Why would i be OK with trying to figure out Konamis junk bag of a game?? sure there are things i like about it but... i shoot right or left and it sails wide. Even with good body angle and...
  14. J

    Scripted disaster !!!!

    Thanks for the tip ;)
  15. J

    Scripted disaster !!!!

    They tried to make the game more challenging by scripting the shyt out of it instead of coding in better more solid AI. Its a complete lazy way of doing things. Maybe Japan shouldn't make a Footie game? not trying to be nasty I'm just saying. I live in the States and would be horrified if we...
  16. J

    Scripted disaster !!!!

    For the past 6 years every other Saturday i get together with my family and we play PES. This PES version has some nice implementations but over all its just a mess. I want to scream every time a shot fron inside the box goes far wide left or right. Does it happen in real life...sure. But the...
  17. J

    Done with this game for these reasons....

    I'm done touching my meat!