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  1. thorbarry

    [PS3] Alkhens Npower championship OF for Bles 20

    great work man, i downloaded it last night and can now play master league :)
  2. thorbarry

    Npower Championship OF

    sorry about that bit of bad luck dude. The option file is gonna be awesome anyway, so it's well worth the wait :)
  3. thorbarry

    Npower Championship OF

    fair play dude, i look forward to it
  4. thorbarry

    Ireland Strip after DLC on PS3!!!

    Just like real life then :w00t
  5. thorbarry

    Lag/delay online?

    has anyone played a game without the red bar? thats all i get when i play online, maybe opening ports on my router would help?
  6. thorbarry

    Online problems/ Button-lag / 1 red bar

    all the game si play have 1 red bar. ive yet to play a game where it is green, It doesnt affect me too much as its still playable. Are there router settings that i can change ie. open ports?
  7. thorbarry

    Pro Evo Newbie i'll be using this one
  8. thorbarry

    Pro Evo Newbie

    yup, with ps3 it is easier than the 360 tho. You just download the option file, put it on a usb key/ portable hdd and transfer the content to the ps3. It take 15minutes MAX. Then you got all the licenced leagues. Im not sure of the process on the 360 tho. There is set to be a good choice of...
  9. thorbarry

    Your best signing so far?

    I'm having great luck signing players at the moment :) I just got Torres, now Robinhino want to come play for me, too bad i only have 5million left :(
  10. thorbarry

    Your best signing so far?

    me too, he is terrible :ohmy: I'm in my second season with Arsenal, we won the league last season, and got knocked out of all the cups in the later stages. Its looking good this season. I just managed to sign Torres for €67 million (don't ask me how). Ive managed to sell a few players to recoup...
  11. thorbarry

    Transfer Negotiation Tips

    haha great. I am playing as arsenal, in my second season of the ML. The only players i have been able to bring in is those "open to negotiations". I bid for a lot of players Villa, Eto, Gourceff etc..... with transfer negotiations always breaking down. I bid for Torres, he accepts :) he cost me €67m
  12. thorbarry


    yea i agree, there are many times when I should be getting advantage, but the ref blows the whistle, very frustrating
  13. thorbarry

    Which of these teams is best played with and why?

    I'm using Arsenal in the Master League. I'm half way through my second season and Bendtner is fantastic :)
  14. thorbarry

    Transfer Negotiation Tips

    I'm finding it quite difficult to get anyone that is not on the scouts recommendation list under "open to negotiation ". I'll try some tips from the guys above... I think best thing to do is have a scout watch the player, then keep on offering for him, eventually they will come.... If i want...
  15. thorbarry

    ML Negotiation Problem!!!

    no offence scholsey, but it took me twice as long to read your posts
  16. thorbarry

    Rosh's PES 2010 PS3 Option File

    Great option file Rosh, I cant wait to update it to version 1.2 Fantastic work :)
  17. thorbarry

    Ridiculous Ratings - Share Here

    cheers dude
  18. thorbarry

    Ridiculous Ratings - Share Here

    How long does it usually take to get a good player in the youth team? I am almost finished my first season and the highest i have is a 59
  19. thorbarry

    Super Cancel - What is it?

    thats not what super cancel is dude Super cancel is when u hold down R1 and R2 to give you manual control over a player, works good for winning headers and getting ahead of other players