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  1. ThfcJoe

    2d kits

  2. ThfcJoe


    Well, it looks like I have to edit PES08 myself, because I don't have a maxdrive or whatever you need to add option files to your game.. Could anybody please help me by telling my how you create all those brilliant kits like those people that make OF's do? Much grateful if you can :D
  3. ThfcJoe

    Option Files

    Ok, thanks for your help.
  4. ThfcJoe

    Option Files

    Please reply to this: If I get a blank disc and download an option file onto my pc, then move it onto the blank disc, then put it into my ps2, will the option file work?!
  5. ThfcJoe

    January option file

    Does anyone know what a megadrive is (or whatever you use to get option file data onto ps2)
  6. ThfcJoe

    Scott McDonald Appearance Update

    Nice. You should start taking requests, it'll get your rep up. :D
  7. ThfcJoe

    Option Files

    And what is a maxdrive?
  8. ThfcJoe

    Option Files

    I am unsure whether this has been asked a lot of times before, but is it possible to get a option file onto a memory stick, and then add the data into the PS2?
  9. ThfcJoe

    Is there a thread soley devoted to sponsor logo editing?

    Search for it yer lazy ... thing :)
  10. ThfcJoe

    The Messiah's Youth Index ®

    Not to disrespect your wonderful work, but I think Special Hairstyle 227 will be better for him (when I looked at that particular picture in your post). What do you think?
  11. ThfcJoe

    Appearance and stat finding request thread!

    Could you do Taarbat and Kaboul please. I'm a passionate Tottenham supporter so I want them up to date. :) Also could you have a go at David Nugent? I need to make him :)
  12. ThfcJoe

    Harry Potter team

    Yes. Very humerous. :)
  13. ThfcJoe

    Harry Potter team

  14. ThfcJoe

    Harry Potter team

    Good idea. I'll edit the post to do that.
  15. ThfcJoe

    Harry Potter team

    Ok, i'm like a weirdo who likes Harry Potter, so I want to make a Harry Potter team on PES6. This is what the team is going to be: Good Team - Order of the Pheonix FC GK - Rubius Hagrid RB - Ginny Weasley LB - Hermione Granger CB - Neville Longbottom CB - Molly (Mrs.) Weasley RM - Fred...
  16. ThfcJoe

    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Erm ... Is there another way of getting the OF without xport or max drive? And ... What are xport and max drive?
  17. ThfcJoe

    Tips on Master League

    Cool. ;)
  18. ThfcJoe

    Tips on Master League

    You could Search, or, if you cant find anything, make a new thread. With a new thread more people will pay attention to your question in particular. Make sure you search first though.
  19. ThfcJoe

    Tips on Master League

    Nice and no problem ;)
  20. ThfcJoe

    England Under 21's