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  1. screamer3

    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Thanx my brother, I did something similar and I think everything is ok know. I downloaded and istalled the update, after that I copy-paste one more time from the usb the system file and I think this works fine
  2. screamer3

    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Problem! I downloaded the update of pes2009 (ps3), but the option file doesn't work... There is a message when the game starts: Load failed because is from a different version... etc Do yoy have any idea what is happening and how I can solve the problem?
  3. screamer3

    Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

    It is possible to have 2 option files in ps3 and choose each time which to load? thanx
  4. screamer3

    Several OF ?

    Somewhere here I read that you can create an internal memory card and put all the files of the OF inside. (pes2009 ps3) I tried to do that but I think this is not possible. Is there any way that I can do this, and have 2 or more OF and load them when I want? It will be very usefull, and the...
  5. screamer3

    how to put ur pic ?

    Should be a normal *.jpeg, or *.gif and the sise less than 4mb i think. Try 800x600 should do the job. Just resise the picture with an editor, such as paint (ms), or photoshop.
  6. screamer3

    Become A Legend FAQ's

    Hello everyone. I started BAL first season, top player, AM, but In manchester city I usually play as CM. The first 5-6 games, My rate is 5.5! I don't believe how others gets 6.5 or 7 in such an early stage... I don't think that I will earn a first team potition, not even at the bench... What do...
  7. screamer3


    my brother I will get a wireless router and then I will able to play. I will find you, to enjoy a couple of games together!
  8. screamer3

    Become A Legend FAQ's

    Simple my friend You ajust the training bars (balance, technique etc) to your desirable so you can control the improvement of your player. I hope you are fine with that my brother
  9. screamer3

    Masters League starting money

    You have money but when you start M.L. you start playing the 1st week of the league. So the sooner you can transfer in or out a player is in the middle of the season.
  10. screamer3


    :) The only way to increase the level over "Top player" my friend is to play with me! :P
  11. screamer3

    Gameplay since latest update

    For pc right? ?
  12. screamer3

    First Touch Command?

    My brother I think that before your player touches the ball if you push the shoot-pass-long pass button your player will shoot-pass the ball as well if you dribble forward or at any direction the player will dribble immediatly, if anyone else has a different opinion should tell me.
  13. screamer3


    Is my opinion or when you score when playing with COM then the COM performes much better than before and also my players stats drops so is more difficult to pass or shoot?
  14. screamer3

    Control Shoot

    I don't wait the bar get full? right after the shoot button I press the R2?..
  15. screamer3

    Control Shoot

    Hello again everyone. I open the booklet included in the pes2009 dvd (for ps3) and I read that to make a control shoot you shoot and when the bar goes to the desireable level you push R2 to perform a control shoot. This is not true I believe because the player makes a strange movement when you...
  16. screamer3

    I'm confused

    Problem with update Guys a friend's ps3 blocked when he tried to update the game when he inserted the dvd for first time and sony replaced his machine immediately! I think that it is a problem with the game because mines as well went to black screen and I closed the ps3 and after that...
  17. screamer3

    Which Game Mode You Play Most? CL, Lg, Cp, BAL,?

    BAL mostly and cl exibition with friend. In previous version of PES (2008) mostly ML but is something I will start in the next days !!! :)
  18. screamer3

    PES 2009 problems

    I don't know if it is an open thread about the errors of PES 2009 so I post here. Did you notice that when you kick the ball on Free kick then you cannot move or change player? This is very annoying when the ball hits the wall...(this happens at ps3 pes 2009)
  19. screamer3

    Become A Legend FAQ's

    thanx a lot I think I try to begin again as a AMC it is better :)
  20. screamer3

    Become A Legend FAQ's

    Hello everyone. I started BAL in Top player. I almost finished the first half of the first season and I didn't manage to play in a first team game... I only play in practice match and usualy in the second team. They promote me in the first team for one game and after that they put me again in...