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    Cheat to unlock everything?

    Is there easier way to unlock everything (hidden players, classic teams...) other than the ones ingame. I found this optionfile that I like, but it has everything locked.
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    Player Ratings

    Try to block as many passes as possible and you'll get at least 6,5. After you get some experience and get to give free kicks and corners you'll get better ratings.
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    Who are the best young players to buy?

    Lukaka "The new Drogba" from Anderlecht. He's 16 in the beginning with good stats already.
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    wtf is up with defending in this game?

    This is eaven a bigger problem in BAL. Your Cb:s sometime look like bodyguards on both sides of the CF making sure the opponent CF can walk in the box and get a shot on goal.
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    Which game length do you prefer?

    Oh yes, I meant 30 minute games.. I'm playing on Top Player as AMF and haven't scored a single goal yet in halfway the season. The gameplay feels better than on 15 minute games, the amount of goals scored in general haven't changed at all I think. The playing just feels better. Plus I'm winning...
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    Which game length do you prefer?

    I play 30 minute halves. I just try to perform as well as possible on every game. Main goal is to win the game, then get assists and goals. Much more rewarding than trying to max your stats.
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    Oh really! I didn't know that! ..just kidding. My point is, I want a TRULY MANUAL passing not the kind of joke they have right now. I want the FIFA kind of manual passing with player stats affecting on how accurate the passes are.
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    Everything looks good but we need manual passing for Pes! However the direction is right. I want to enjoy every goal I score so making the game more challenging is good. Goalies are too bad though. Make them at least as good as in Pes 5, would be great.
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    pes2010 is too SLOW...the pace is way too SLOW

    Absolutely not too slow! Could be eaven slower. I mean there could be much more variety in pace for players and for teams for that matter. Make the slow dribble button analog so that the more you press the more the player slows down.
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    2008/09 option file based on Hulkamaphone's awesome file

    Zarate in Lazio already?
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    Hulkamaphone's PES5 OF 2008-09 Season (based on ISS72)

    Any final updates for this OF now that all the transfers are done?
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    Hulkamaphone's PES5 OF 2008-09 Season (based on ISS72)

    I don't know if you are planning to create missing players, but there is at least Berat Sadik missing from Arminia Bielefeld. Great work by the way!
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    [PS2] PES5 Recent Option File?

    That would be great!
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    How to edit hidden players in WE9LE? (or pes5..)

    I managed to edit their stats with pes 5 editor, but when I start masters league their stats are back to original ones. I wanted to tweak down the stats of every player so that I would get a more realistic gameplay for the masters league. Their "Special ability" stars can be edited but not the...
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    [PES5] Legends Patch

    Where is the option file for this mod? For PES 5 on PC that is. It was not included in the patch files.
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    [PC] Legends patch option file, where to get?

    Does anyone have it or know where to get it? I already installed the Legends patch but then I realized that it didn't include the option file.. Well I cant seem to find it anywhere.
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    ISS72's PES5 07/08 OF (Based on j708's)

    Nope. At least not Bojan.
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    PC demo is here

    Am I the only one who thinks this demo totally sucks? I mean the passing alone sucks so bad I don't think I'll be buying this rubish. C'mon Konami, play a few matches of PES 5 and start everything all over again foor pes 2009, thank you.
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    too damn easy!

    Try this option file and play without developing players. At least it's a bit more challenging than the original OF.
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    PES 6 terrible stuttering problems,unplayable

    Me too!! I'm getting frustrated.. Do I really have to install old drivers?! How about a patch KONAMI!!!!???!!!