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    Master League Championship Teams

    Does this link work? Can't download it in work.
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    Have you properly installed the update. You need to go into system data when the game has loaded and choose install system data. Coming up to Norwich on saturday to watch the Swans. Staying over night. Looking forward to it.
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    AC im gutted that you have dropped Swansea from your file. I understand that more people wanted Plymouth and Norwich. Never mind. Am still looking forward to the option file though. Will try and add Swansea myself. The only bit i will struggle on is the stats. Have you been converting the stats...
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    Whats your legend look like?

    When you sign for another team do you always have to play a couple of training matches before getting a game with the 1st team? I was at Fulham and had scored 10 goals in 14 games before signing for West Ham in the January transfer window. It took me 4 training sessions to make the bench and...
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    I know how you feel. Was up in Wolves watching Swansea on Tuesday. It had been snowing up there that day. Couldn't feel my toes.
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    Fair play to you. Most people would have given up after a set back like that. Looking forward to it. If you need any help with Swansea let me know.
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    Are Swansea in there?
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    Master league overhaul

    I do like the shot of the player you just signed holding the shirt. Downside is if you sign 3 players at once it only shows the 1 player with the shirt.
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    AC Milan Master League

    Thanks both. I know the players Milan have got are quality but Maldini can't even finish 90 minutes without the fitigue warning light coming on. Someone made an offer for Maldini in the transfer window and I accepted. Signed Micah Richards, Denilson, An argentine keeper (17), Duffy an Irish...
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    AC Milan Master League

    I have started a master league with AC Milan. I didn't realise how old the milan squad is. I think there is about 4 or 5 players in the whole squad that are under 30. I am currently just outside the top 3 for promotion and have now reached the 1st transfer window. I need quality youngsters who...