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    can somebody please explain why the fatigue arrows are necessary?

    perfect answer i agree totally how do i want to win easier when i want to play against the best eleven of my opponent?? if anything that makes it harder what you said makes no sense at all. even in real life how often do you see players get changed? unless the already sure they qualified...
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    Constructive Comments/Feedback On Updated PES14 Nov 16th

    yeah exactly i seen van buyten 34 years old catch up to ageurro one of the faste players in the world ahha this is comedy
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    PES is dead. Long live Fifa.

    i cant agree with you more the whole defense system sucks cursor change sucks too. you might as well play with out defenders they can even get the ball.
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    can somebody please explain why the fatigue arrows are necessary?

    i mean i can understand when you are playing a season leag or something. but why should it be there when we are playing rank match online? isnt it suppose the be the best 11 vs the best 11 against the opponent? i mean i remember playing 2013 against a player who had 999 points and i had...
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    Constructive Comments/Feedback On Updated PES14 Nov 16th

    i cant say i disagree with this post. i mean the game has gotten a lot better alloot. dont get me wrong. but as far as the passing goes and cursor change its still terrible. that whole the ball has its own scrip is useless to me if we cant controle the ball. i mean you will have players like...
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    Constructive Comments/Feedback On Updated PES14 Nov 16th

    the faces dont bother me. i mean thats a small problem. everybody seems to be hang up on the faces. the gameplay is whats important. thats what they need to fix. thanks OP for the update.
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    Your expectations for the forthcoming patch

    thank you lol yall talking bout faces lets see if the damn game is playable first thats what its about. i mean hell we could fix the faces our self but we cant fix the game
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    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    thats whats funny about. the game could have been perfect if they didnt add all that xtra stuff. smh
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    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    man they better fix when the players are in the box i just lost a match cause my men couldnt move smh. and the cursor switch is also bogus. before you get right man you done went threw the whole field lol
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    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    saw this post online at it explains everything what i feel about pes14 Online dosent Work! Im so disappionted with pes 2014. I loved pes 2013 but this year everything is slow, loading screens is slow,formation menu is slow, loading time before matches are way slower than last year. The...
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    [ALL] Watson V3.0 Option File: World Cup Fever!!!

    i got one simple question can we use the option file fr pro 6? if so than everybody just need to be patient and wait if not if not then it will be a bit of too late too bring it out since pro 6 is coming soon
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    If You Go To Set Up Your Formation And You Go To Individual And You Go To Attack And Set The Arrows What Is It For And Does Some Body Have A Tip For Me How To Set Them Up Best Thanks