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    6.5/10 Sad times indeed

    Been a while, but loving this game (on demo that is). Challenging on Superstar, keepers very good, game balanced. Really enjoying really. Button delay? WTF? Anyway will play some more but is great game in the main. See Ockrass is still being Ockrass lol. What's up bud, long time no speak? Never...
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    I have had my last straw with PES '16!

    I'm so apathetic with football games these days Ockrass I can barely even write a paragraph myself. Here's looking to PES 2017 then.
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    I have had my last straw with PES '16!

    So anyway, been away from the forums scene for a while but I see nothing changes. Ockrass and Amateur still caning the long posts I see. Respect to both though, surprised you still have the energy to posts these million word essays like I used to. You prob don't remember the debates back in the...
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    PES 2013 is one of the most sublime football simulations in history

    This years PES is sublime. Absolutely sublime.
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    I'm having one of those's been coming to be honest. Had a brilliant half a season of ML, game felt balanced etc etc mainly Superstar mode, then bham, like the last 10-15 or so games there's been some crazy scripted shit happening almost every game. Why?!? It's not like I've been...
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    Best football game to grace our Earth?

    Quite simply....yes. It's taken me a few games to 'get it', but now that I have it's just a totally unbelievable game.
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    Fifa 13 Vs PES 2013

    Cheers buddy. Your opinion is much appreciated.
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    Overall Impressions Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    I'm confused. Some people are saying it's like 2012 whilst others are saying it's more a blend of demo 1 and 2. Can you elaborate baq as to what you found bad apart from the points you touched upon?
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    Fifa 13 Vs PES 2013

    Pretty much agree totally with this. Pros : 1)FIfa 13 - Collision system and jostling for the ball. - Keepers (in certain situations may I add). Whilst everyone goes on about the keepers, their animations and generally their saves are very good. BUT - there is the odd goal that I...
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    Overall Impressions Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Everything. What's different from demos, what's the same? Ball physics, player positioning, CPU build up play, keepers, graphics, CPU realistic results etc?
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    Overall Impressions Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Come on guys need more views/reviews on the game!!!
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    First Review

    I can't recall saying they were broken, although I may be wrong. I did say that demo 1 was excellent and that I was disappointed with the demo 2 ammendments. I was wrong. Demo 2 has ironed out all the minor issues and player individuality is still there. Also, I was initially more impressed with...
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    First Review

    After prolonged play of both of them today, I'll definitely be getting PES this year over FIFA. Personally, I think PES is an unbelievable game and I'm genuinely excited for release.
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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    Lol, gonna be some flame wars again this year I believe Shaun fella! Played both, PES 2013 is very good, FIFA 13 is okay, but still the same issues are there which immediately cripple it in the simulation stakes. Players skating, CPU still turning on a sixpence on Legendary, the exact same...
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    Turned The Demo Off After 10 Mins

    I agree with a few people here, from the previous page. I think it's finally time to admit to myself that this game is fked. Demo 1 I thought was okay, but only okay. There were elements of sim in there, in terms of human receiving passes and the ball felt less on string. Demo 2 has...
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    PES 2013 - First game play trailer

    OCK, have to say fella, you're the biggest troll on ANY forum board involving ANY discussion, I've ever seen. Viva la FIFA12 mate, and continue having your wet EA dreams lo.
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    Hey guys Pro evo 2012 cheating AI.

    After Craney's wistful posts, I re-installed PES6 (PC) earlier, grabbed any old option file and loading it up. It's.....really...really....good lol! Just everything about it just seems to fit like a glove. The colours, the pitch textures, the graphics are crisp, shooting and passing...
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    Hey guys Pro evo 2012 cheating AI.

    Hmm, I'm not going to go into the PES 2012 bashing, because I've played many hours on it this year. BUT - I do think you have an extremely valid point with regards to games/gaming in general. For all the graphics these days, and even an appreciation of some games, there seems to be a general...
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    Manual Passing... convince me to convince myself to buy PES2012

    Zero assist isn't fully manual fella. It's still assisted, but less so. Power and direction have to be relatively accurate although there are some inconsistencies to passing. It's not bad, but trying to play on zero assist say on Superstar mode is a little hard in the final third especially...
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    The Ultimate Guide For PES 2012

    I've learned my 'Ultimate Guide' the hard way since October lol! I think unless you practice yourself, for hours, there is no easy way to play it this year. Everything is so sensitive from defending to attack.