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    [BLUS30805] AVV2011 PES2012 OF EURO 2012 & Season 2012-13

    You just need to update your PS3 to the latest version. It'll allow you to do multiple files selection and copy. Then, just sit back and wait until all OF copying into your PS3... Hope it's clear! sc
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    [BLUS30805] SammyGunner11's PES2012 PS3 Option File [US Version]

    For USA Version, I can only find avv2011 OF. I've just tried and it works great. link: BTW, P3 laste system update, there is new feature to select and copy multiple files. This gives our life lots easier. Enjoy.. sc
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    [BLUS30805] AVV2011 PES2012 OF EURO 2012 & Season 2012-13

    I've used Pategato's OF and download this OF for transfer update. I can say it works great. Many thanks avv2001 for your works.... BTW, the new features of PS3 System latest update, now we can select and copy multiple files, very convenience Excellent job Sony.... sc
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    [BLUS30805] SammyGunner11's PES2012 PS3 Option File [US Version]

    CAT, We're still waiting for the updated OF... Many thanks, sc
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    [BLUS30805][USA] pategato's PES 2012 Option File - Spain's 2nd Division & Bundesliga

    Dear Pategato, Many thanks for good OF for zone USA. I've already got OF from other post, but the host won't update it anymore. If I copy your OF, do I need to erase old files (one by one)? What will happen if I only use your edit file but not emblem, uniform, etc.?
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    What happened to Iweks OF File for Bles 21 thread??

    Dear iwek, Anyway, please re-post your OF as we are waiting for your great works. Many thanks, sc
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    No BLES-021 OF for latest DLC

    I can't find any OF BLES-021 in the forum. Please help.:( It's used to have "Best OF" from iwek but some reason it's removed.:no:
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    WENB PES 2010 Option File v10.3 Released!!

    Thanks "Kbbkirl" for the info. As the incomplete transfer, I've decided to use OF from Stringer Bell's. Somchai C.
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    WENB PES 2010 Option File v10.3 Released!!

    Dear Rainey, Thanks for your superb work. Questions: 1) I can't find Maxi in Liverpool and anywhere in PES? 2) EPL transfer incomplete e.g. Robinho, Kean? SC
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    Rosh's PES 2010 PS3 Option File

    I'd experienced the same problem. You need to update the PES2010 just go to the menu inside the PES 2010 game and go to setting then download. It will auto check for update for you. (of course, you first must have internet connected). SC
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    Did anyone play the WE demo?

    I've played PES/ WE since "Goal Storm" for PS1 and fell in love with it for many years. I've already downloaded and played PES2010 and WE2010. Here are my quick feedback: I do agree that WE is a bit better than PES in term of response but what I think KONAMI should improve/ change are two...