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  1. J

    [XBox] PES5 Option File PESFAN v2

    umm hope i don't sound like a total noob - but how do i use those files? EDIT: use xbox saves..duh heh currently using OBIE Super-Update v2 - is this the same? i noticed one on game-saves too it says that it is an edited version of psfan 1.... would this be the best (this meaning the...
  2. J

    [XBox] PES5 PESfan V2 Option file

    is there a version we can use with xbox-saves? - can host the file as well i think
  3. J

    PES5 - Quick Questions Thread.

    does the game have widescreen/16:9 support I did a search for wide and 16:9 with no results, so i was wandering if someone could tell me if the game supports 16:9 or not (the pal ver of 4 didnt)
  4. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    sorry when i said i renamed things - it was so you understood that I had backed up the original files - and i thought there were 2 different types of intros so i renamed them to one another only to find they were the same (as u said for different regions). and i just realised that that file...
  5. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    ok i just tried deleting renaming etc and so far it works if i dont use the 0_text.afs file and the option file from your patch - one Q - i noticed there are 2 files pes4p.xmv and pes4n.xmv - where as my sys only has one - mind telling what the dif are? i think they are intro files but i tried...
  6. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    argghh need help... i finally finished the patch and it unrarred fine... i copied it and the option file over to the HDD - but when i load it i just get a black screen - no initial welcome screen or anything... any ideas? o i tried playing my orig version with the option file u supplied and...
  7. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    ya that's cool Wolf - just showing my interest so you know there is further interest in it - I just read on the news apge that PES5 will be out in the forth quarter...can't wait - actually there will be an XBOX rel right?
  8. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    thanks for the reply wolf_hook - ya i checked it out - looks cool - and while i have been on these boards on a very limited amount of time - it seems fit that you are the captain (damn whats with me and the hyphens...) hopefully you can release the new additions (IE commentary) as a seperate...
  9. J

    [PES4] All XBox PES4 Patches are here

    dang - glad i checked back after so long - Wolf - I was just about to start to DL the wolf_hook xbox update.rar - but was wandering if you were going to release your other patch soon - I would so LOVE the new commentary...