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    History in the making?

    Well said mate, i have been sticking by PES too although i have to admit that i have currently borrowed a mates copy of FIFA 09 just to try it out & also just pick up a few easy trophies on the PS3 but when it comes to the crunch towards the end of the year, i'll still be getting PES 2010 over...
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    How To Make Edit Mode Better

    I personally would like to see an improvement to the way the keepers gloves look & therefore the ability to edit the way the look & colours, even getting a license like Reusch (think that's the spelling) or even using Adidas or Nike seeing as they clearly have the license for their boots so why...
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    The subtle and yet relevant "Details" that you want to see in PES 2010.

    I have something along the lines of the ceremonies, i think in each part of the game whether it is Master League, BAL, or just a simple league or cup campaign i think it would be better if there was an option to name a club captain as it has sometimes happened to me when my captain is completed...
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    General PES 2010 News

    I wonder if any of the Bloggers from here have considered getting in touch with this Jon Murphy chap from Konami to see about getting further information or to find out if they are definately listening to feedback from site.
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    PES 2010 Classic Players: who would you like to see fully licensed?

    Technically i would Bergkamp is one of the greatest players ever, very intelligent with the ball & a good finisher who was capable of scoring some truly amazing goals. I would think Bobby Carlos will be in PES 2010 as he's still at Fenerbache is he not???
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    PES 2010 Classic Players: who would you like to see fully licensed?

    1 - Jay Jay Okocha 2 - Marco van Basten 3 - Paulo Maldini (seeing as he's retiring supposedly at the end of the season) 4 - Gabriel Batistuta 5 - Dennis Bergkamp 6 - Zinedine Zidane 7 - George Best 8 - Franco Baresi 9 - Kenny Dalglish 10 - Ronaldo (Original No. 9 version of course) I...
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    How to make master league better

    Yeh i like those suggestions mate, i understand what you mean about the stats, take Theo Walcott for instance, he's so fast & highly unlikely that he'll get faster as he should be very nearly at peak physical condition but his technique on the ball & passing/shooting ability will no doubt...
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    What changes/additions would you like to see in Pes 2010?

    I completely agree with that one, i mean take a player like Paul Scholes for instance, he can play great long crossfield passes but he cant tackle at all & they are always rash & usually result in a yellow card - not dissing the guy, i think he's a fantastic player but his tackling is appalling...
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    Game time

    It's 15 mins for me, i dont know why, just feel that sometimes 10 mins doesnt quite do it for me & like others have said, it means i can adapt tactics to the the way i play a match.
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    The subtle and yet relevant "Details" that you want to see in PES 2010.

    Do you not just mean Konami having Steve McLaren in the game then???
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    Pes 2010 first screen shots ...

    I was thinking more like Lego than Helmet mate lol
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    PES 2010 Trophies

    Trophies would add such big replay value in my opinion & would mean actually playing the whole game & not just one part like Master League or BAL which is good.
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    PES 2010 Trophies

    I think they will pretty much reflect the acheivements that are already available on PES 09, there was just no reward for those though so i reckon they will be prettty much the same.
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    PES 2010 Trophies

    I dont know if this has been covered somewhere but was just wondering if anyone knew if PES 2010 will have trophy support for the PS3 or similar acheivement system for Xbox 360, i am not great at collecting the trophies for PS3 games but i fancy my chances at getting a platinum for PES.
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    The subtle and yet relevant "Details" that you want to see in PES 2010.

    I'd also like the freekick takers to be able to move as soon as they've struck the ball, i hate this kind of frozen state they go into for a few seconds meaning that if it's hit into the wall then the taker still can't collect the rebound. Also just a small subtle detail, i'd like to see the...
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    PES 2010: New Season, All New Game ??

    I think Amateur should be hired by Seabass as a consultant lol, i sometimes dont always like his pessamistic posts towards PES but i know it is just because he truly cares about the game, his comments are constructive & make sense. The stats definately need an overhaul in order to make the...
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    The subtle and yet relevant "Details" that you want to see in PES 2010.

    I also like the comment about the walls defending freekicks, something which has never crossed my mind before.
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    The subtle and yet relevant "Details" that you want to see in PES 2010.

    I would like to see injuries make more of a difference to matches & especially in Master League mode, the injuries should be more detailed & would maybe like to see players pull up with things like pulling a hamstring for example & when the physios are on treating them then the player can still...
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    Developing Players

    I just try & play them as much as possible & bring them on nearly every match as a second half sub around the 60 minute mark.
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    Help please

    If Bordeaux are not represented in any of the leagues then i would suggest Cavenaghi who is a striker, i signed him after a couple of seasons but wish i had him much sooner as he's top class & a deadly finisher, might make a good partnership with Andy Johnson. Also try to sign Piatti who is a...