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    I'm mad!

    yes, fifa is so amazing, yet you are here, in a PES forum. fucking idiot. wipe the blood from your pussy and shove a roll of cotton up there as you waddle to gamestop and purchase fifa.
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    I'm mad!

    you too. just shut the fuck up, seriously. just shut the fuck up.
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    CPU/AI whatever u want to call it is 'very poor'.

    shut the fuck up man, seriously. just shut the fuck up
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    JustPES is back - Now it is PESCoach.Com

    will you have a USA Option File for download? if so, ETA on it's arrival?
  5. M

    just arrived

    how are the keepers?
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    Not buying PES

    i enjoy playing FIFA as much as I enjoy stuffing your mom with my mushroom tip. It's relatively mundane pounding away time after time at an old hag who just has no movement what-so-ever and we wind up finishing with only me shooting my load, 1-0. Where as, when i'm stuffing a young 21 year...
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    yo, listen up....the keepers are fine

    listen up....the keepers are fine ya know, all this bitching about keepers is completely off base and here's why. keepers determine the score of the game. if the keepers are weak, they allow more goals in...thus higher scoring games (2-3, 2-2, 4-1, etc). if the keepers are strong, they allow...
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    I'm in, I call Chelsea as my team. If we have to go with weaker teams, I call Ajax. Keep me posted on league details.
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    this is how i see Amateur... _9Zi-yoz9dA
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    oh my god. i've never seen someone so fucking dedicated to typing out a thesis on "space" in a video game. ROFLMFAO!
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    jesus christ dude, is sounds like you need an Atari 2600 with one joystick and 1 red button. I think the current state of gaming/controllers are way too fucking advanced for you. stop whining about the damn game being hard...go play something easier if you can't learn the game.
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    +1 dude, + a big fucking 1
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    don't know you personally and i rarely post, but i see your blabbering posts all over the place. i never read more than a few sentences because the shit you talk about it just pointless. you're a fucking douche. have a good day.
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    FIFA 12 Comparisons/Impressions Demo with PES 2012

    In PES, they spent a whole year developing forward runs, backward runs, diagonal runs, dummy runs, player support, man marking, etc. You can literally just see your teammates working the pitch to give you opportunity to pass and move and work around the defense. In PES, the AI for both sides...
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    i'm strictly an online gamer. i don't buy any game for single player features. I stick with only 3 games....Soccer (FIFA or PES), Basketball (NBA 2k), Battlefield.
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    are you sure? i think it's a different stadium in demo 2, so that net shows up better. didn't demo 1 have a different stadium and when you play, it looks almost clear/grey?
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    Negative pes 2012 demo feedback

    here are my complaints
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    i don't post much, here, or any other forum. i read PESGaming, WinnineElevnBlog, EA Fifa forums, etc. i just wanted to get some of this off my chest... i'm having a really tough time deciding whether to get fifa or pes this year. i want to like pes more, hence why i'm posting here and not...
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    Demo for US PSN?

    still not up...... damn it
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    Demo for US PSN?

    for f* sake....... damn game still isn't up in the US PSN store. mother F*