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  1. K

    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    From playing the demo. The defense area seems to be crowded at all times during the game. Never a feeling of catching the opposing team disorganized.
  2. K

    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    In a game where speed and acceleration are crucial, I find it shocking the analog and pressure sensitive buttons on the controller are used like regular buttons. You could play this game with PS2 controllers, yet the PS2 games were better.
  3. K

    Screenshots, Impact Engines, Animations, Who gives a...

    The one thing I give to PES 2011 is that it looked completely different than 2010. But this year's edition looks (so far) as a carbon copy of 2011, which is wrong in so many levels.
  4. K

    Vote: Replays off !

    You know what, I used to hate them, they're annoying on single player. But I started liking them when playing with the mates, they're perfect to take a zip of the beer or lighting a smoke.
  5. K

    whats up with the goal nets?

    OK, you bring your hometown team to the final of the Champions league, your star striker cut inside of Pique and bend the ball around Casillas to win the game 2-1 at the LAST minute. When you score the goal, the stadium falls into a funeral-like silence because the 50/50 crowds feature got taken...
  6. K

    What would you like to see in PES 2011.

    How about preparing something special for your retiring players in the ML. A little sent off in front of the fans would be nice.
  7. K

    Ways to improve on PES 2010

    GENERAL Camera Tilting Stadium Attendance Option : * * * More Practice Fields and Club House Enabled. PES Store DIFFERENT UNIFORMS. Apart from the colours, all SHIRTS and SHORTS look the same! More types of uniforms for edit mode and make CLASSIC uniforms look old. This was one great...
  8. K

    Top 10 things you want in PES11

    - Customized Nets - Stadium editor in the ML: By which I mean building and upgrading your stadium from scratch (pitch, nets, capacity and training facilities). -If the previous point is too much to ask for. At least CHANGE the attendance depending on your teams popularity for gods sake! I'm...
  9. K

    Who to start with on master league

    Yes it is. You can switch teams and create a league of your pleasure. You will have to choose between the spanish, english or serie a but you can put whichever team you like in whichever league you want.
  10. K

    Who to start with on master league

    No Don't ask me why
  11. K

    Master League questions... help!!

    Whatever happened to creating your own team from scratch? Yet another great feature thats been taken away for no reason.
  12. K

    ML sucks! why cant i.....

    IT's unveliebable. I got the game today, and.... I really have no words to describe how disappointed I am. THIS IS BULLSHIT
  13. K

    So which camera angle do you play on?

    Wide is not wide enough nowadays. It's the new normal long.
  14. K

    Here's a way to practise penalties

    The animaiton is very bad. Every player kicks the ball the same way.
  15. K

    So, anyone had a penalty yet?

    This can be fixed?
  16. K

    all players wiegh at least 17 stone!!

    Dyou have a stone - kilograms converter?
  17. K

    Konami FFS sort the nets out!

    Football Kingdom nets... That's how nets should look and react to the ball
  18. K

    Any girls playing this?

    You guys play like girls